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They call me Nap.
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


Dakrya | Concept by NaporieRizia
Dakrya | Concept

"Ordained to be king."

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Shhhhhh, he's not cannon yet (and those links up there ^ don't work yet either, so don't bother clicking them). Some of you may recognize the name and even the personality as that of one of my fawnlings. Well, sadly he wasn't getting the love he needed and I felt too restricted to develop his story in that world (partly because I don't understand half of their rules, and another part because I couldn't keep up with the timeline). I didn't want him to waist away though and because he hardly got any use or attention there, I decided it would be perfectly fine to kill the fawnling version and make another version. This here is Dakrya reloaded! haha, not really. He's mostly the same as the last one with just a bit of his history changed to fit CW (as well as obvious color changes). The CW version of him will not be able to come to life for a long time still as I have to earn my unicorn spot (sorry guys, that means no rp yet) and even then I don't know if he'll be accepted as he is.... if he's not accepted I'm just going to make him into a plain old OC. I don't want to keep changing my boy for the sake of a group (I'm not picking on groups, don't get me wrong I love them. I understand they have to have rules. Dakrya is just too close to me as he is that I don't want to keep changing him to conform to those rules). So anyways, I will probably be running him by with the admins of CW to see if he's capable of being cannon. If so, then ya'll will just have to wait until I manage to earn a unicorn slot to see more of him. If not, I'll switch him to an OC and let myself go crazy with arts and stories. Until then, enjoy this "teaser" of sorts (even though it's full information) and enjoy my pretty, psychotic, no-longer-fawnling boy.

General Information

Name: Dákrya Theoú
Pronunciation: Dah-kree-a   They-oo (say the "th" really quick so it's close to a "d" sound)
Meaning: Heaven's Tears
Also Called: Dákrya | Dak (pronounced "doc")

Gender: Stallion
Age: 132
Herd: Aphelion Blessing
Rank: Unseely

Special Ability: (aspired) Observation
Lessor Gift: (aspired) Shadow Manipulation
Greater Gift: (aspired) Reality Manipulation

Breed: Unknown | Akhal Teke influence
Height: 14.3hh
Phenotype: Flaxen Red Dun min Sabino (carries silver)
Genotype: ee/Aa/nDn/Zz/nSb/f
Voice: Benedict Cumberbatch

Sire: Nychta (Night) | Silver Blood Bay min Sabino (hidden flaxen) | NPC
Dam: Kokkino (Koko) | Red Dun | NPC | Deceased
Siblings: a few half siblings
Orientation: Bisexual (mostly interested in females)
Status: Single
Interest: One-night flings
Foal(s): probably :eyes:


Dakrya is what you could call a girly stallion. Now, this is not to say that he is one of those stereotypical gay boys (although he's bisexual he is mostly interested in females, it takes a lot for a guy to catch his attention) but his looks are extremely feminine. With long thin legs, a long back, narrow neck, and dainty dished face, there is nothing manly about his build at all. His actual breed is unknown but conformationally he looks very similar to an Akhal Teke. He is not very strong at all but he has the grace and agility of a light-footed deer. This helps him get around easily, but his flowing movements only seem to add to the mareish look. He has often times been teased and called a mare because of this.

He has an extremely long, flexible tail bone with milky white hair growing along the greater part of the appendage. His hair is extremely thick and wavy and over all a mess. He doesn't bother to keep it neat or combed, yet somehow it always looks good no matter how many twigs and leaves are tangled into it. Afraid that his curly white mane makes him look too feminine he usually keeps it buzzed all the way, giving his neck a very neat look (if only he knew this only made him prettier). He has short feathering on his legs which, like his mane and tail, is very curly and unruly. He rarely lets his feathers grow out as they are known for curling around his hooves and diminishing any traction he might have. Sometimes in the cold months though he is known for letting them grow longer to help keep his legs warm against the cold snow.

Dakrya was blessed with his mother's beautiful pale red dun coloring (even if he would have rathered his father's blood bay, it's more manly and all). When in any sort of light it shimmers like the coat of an Akhal Teke. He has a white face that his mother called his shield - given him as protection as he strove toward his goals. His mane and tail are a lovely milky white color that he inherited from his father, always shimmering no matter how dirty they are. He has large expressive eyes, a deep deep brown color with a red tint to them. They are always lit up with an almost psychotic glint to them and filled with the internal fire inherited from his mother. The only flaw to his otherwise flawless looks are his scars. Many litter his lovely peach coat while some have torn across the left side of his face, causing him to be blind in that eye and draining the color and life out of it.

Horn & Hooves
His horn is very odd in that instead of stretching upwards it comes forward over his nose, coming to a curved point right in front of his muzzle. Not only is it completely useless in defending himself were he to get into a fight, but it also makes grazing very complicated. In order to comfortably eat he has learned to adjust so that he can feed on taller, bushier plants. When he finds tall grass though he will feast there for days, enjoying the juicy tasty greenery. At times if he's very hungry he will simply jab the horn into the ground and spin his head around it as he grazes before moving to another spot. It is an odd sight but it seems to work. He's also found if he lays down and tilts his head sideways he can graze on the shorter grass.
His hooves are a sharp cloven type. They are small but they do their job at carrying him about and make him very sure-footed. With more padding on the bottom (similar to that of a deer) he is able to maneuver on hard ground and rocks well too because of the grip gained from the padding.


Lock Of Mother's Hair
After his mother's death he took a lock of her soft tan hair in order to remember her by. He has it tied around his neck in a never-ending love and is never seen without it. He believes it is his connection to her and that without it he wouldn't be able to "hear" her.


:bulletgreen: Intelligent - "Who needs strength when you are as intelligent as I?"
Call him the Sherlock Holmes of Chevalin Wanderlust, there is very little that gets past this quick-witted boy. He has done his homework and at times has been known to outsmart some of the elders of the herd. He knows his facts, he knows the land, and he knows the others around him. He's very observant and notices the smallest signs with ease. Getting something past him is near impossible. If you do manage to pull the wool over his eyes, you can be proud. So far though, no-one has even gotten close. He knows what he's doing and does it well. He loves to use his words to confuse others and often sounds like some old man because of the way he speaks - using big words, long complicated sentences, and even poems or hidden meanings. He enjoys insulting others without them even realizing it, and is good at it too.

:bulletgreen: Enduring & Patient - "I can withstand anything you can deliver."
He is the kind to silently take whatever is dished out to him. Whether it be verbal or even physical harassment, he will endure it quietly - even if during the whole time he's plotting his revenge. He is not easily provoked to fight, often either backing out of the way or simply letting himself be beat. Very little upsets him and there's hardly anything you can say to anger him. He just lets insults run off like water on a ducks back. Even when he's picked on for looking like a mare he will ignore them or take it boldly, sometimes he will even play around and tease the stallions just to get his point across. After being mistreated by his father as much as he did, he has learned to take anything given to him and then turn the other cheek. This can make him appear weak, but beware, everyone who has wronged him is either dead or is on his list to die shortly in the future.

:bulletyellow: Silent - "It's the quiet ones you must look out for."
Seen as quiet and reserved, he is often mistaken as a weakling who doesn't deserve a second glance. Beware though, because while he may seem like he is avoiding trouble and staying out of the way, usually it is then that he is plotting the death or mishap of someone. It really isn't safe to leave him on his own to dwell on his own thoughts because you never know if you are his next victim. He's often seen on the sidelines rather than with anyone else. His quiet, apparently withdrawn demeanor gets him overlooked often. He acts respectful toward those above him in command, though he is often mocking them blatantly, weaving his words so craftily that they don't even see it. Many mistakenly see him as a respectful young stallion who would do little harm to anyone. Because of this he has more room and opportunity to work out his plots without someone breathing down his neck or watching his every move. He's rarely on anyone's mind and it wouldn't be a surprise if half the herd didn't even know who he was.

:bulletorange: Seductive - "Malady, how delightful you look in this light!"
Dakrya has no interest in a relationship at the moment and it is to be debated whether or not he ever will. This is not to say that he isn't active though. After all, he is a young stallion. He goes more for the one night flings, but unfortunately for the poor mare, he is very passionate and can make it seem like he is ready to settle down with her for eternity. Don't let him fool you ladies, he is only in it for a night, and if you're lucky maybe a few days. He will leave them eventually though, and has caused many broken hearts. He plays a game of induction. Using his words and beautiful voice as his bait, he draws the mare in, leading them to fall for him enough to irrationally hand over her trust to him. He uses deception to make her think he truly cares about her and that he would give everything for her. When this has been achieved he will simply draw her off to a secluded place for a good night. It's not uncommon for him to be gone when she wakes up. Other times he plays with them even more, pretending to truly care for her but coming up with some complex reason why they cannot be. He enjoys watching their hearts break as he sorrowfully walks away. He has never had true feelings toward anyone though, even when he might act like it at times. He refuses to do so, as such attachments will only hold him down. Because of his tendency to "play the fields" there is a possibility he has some foals out there.

:bulletred: Unstable - "No one is truly sane. I simply embrace the insanity within."
It's not hard to see that he isn't exactly all there all the time. No, he's not some crazy psychopath who will laugh at everything dark and wrong or go on killing rampages, but he does have his dark moments. He's often calm and quiet, but if you happen to push him too far, he will snap. It's like someone flipped a switch. He can be calm and collected one moment, not bothered by anything you say or do, and the next instant he will be at your throat, weather it's a smart move on his part or not. He won't pay any attention to what is wise or safe and he doesn't really care if you hurt him. In fact, when in this state, he's known to laugh at pain, quite literally. Luckily for those around him, this part of him hardly ever comes out and has only been witnessed by one or two others. Even so, there are still those times when you can see that hint of insanity in his eye, glinting as if laughing at you when he smiles. His laugh hints to the "other half" of him as well, always a dark cackle like a mad scientist. When you see him smile or hear him laugh, it's not a good sign, it usually means that he's listening to that darker side, and most likely plotting something purely evil.
Apart from his sudden outbursts, he also believes that he can hear his mother talking to him. It started out from him simply remembering her words to him, but over time has developed to him truly believing that he hears her speaking to him, encouraging him in his goal to kill his father and one day be king. When he's alone he will even talk to her as if she were there, having a complete conversation with no one.

:bulletred: Conspirative - "Mark my words, he will die."
To put it shortly, if he want's you dead, you will die - whether it is today or years later, you will die. He is extremely patent, even when angered, but that doesn't mean he won't seek revenge. While he may seem lenient and even submissive when crossed, you can be sure he's already putting together a magnificent (and frighteningly creative) way to end your life. Not only is his mind quick, but devious as well. Getting on his bad side is not recommended. He is known to orchestrate accidents or mishaps which are so well thought out that even the victim won't know what is happening until they take their last breath. Constantly constructing his next dark plot, he is more than willing to wait for the right moment to bring it to pass, even if that time is not to come for years. Because of this, you never know when he will strike. Most don't even realize they are on his list until it is too late, and often his plans are so thought out and carefully organized that there is little to no chance of getting out alive. He has covered up his murders so well that no one ever knew it was him. The only one to ever see the true face behind their death is the victim themselves, whom he has always informed of his place in the event of their death as they take their last breath. It is like his short moment of glory before he returns to the shadows. (Note: Don't confuse him with a mad murderer who kills for fun. He has taken very few lives in his lifetime [maybe 5 in all his years; that's not many for someone over 100 years old]. He doesn't just kill to kill, although if he feels someone is in his way of his goals he will not restrain himself from killing them.)

:bulletred: Manipulative - "Everyone is so easy to mold if you only know how to bend them."
Being smaller and not very strong, he uses his words as his weapon, and he uses them well. With a deep, smooth voice that flows perfectly off his tongue with just a hint of darkness to it, he can melt souls with just a word. If his voice doesn't get to you, it isn't often that his words themselves will fail. He plays his game well and always knows exactly what to say to get the desired reaction out of someone. Even the calmest and most level-headed have been driven near madness under the weight of his carefully constructed sentences. He has been know to start a fight between two best friends - a fight that has lead to great injury and once even death. Even more impressive is that the winner of these fights is always the one whom he had desired to come out victorious. Simply put, he is very good at getting what he wants through manipulation and trickery. He is so good that the one he is playing with half the time doesn't even realize they are being used.

:bulletred: Arrogant/Delusional - "Watch your language, you are speaking to the future king!"
Ever since he was young his mother drilled into him the thought of himself being king. She was constantly building his self-image up, making him feel important, strong, and powerful. She told him that he was ordained to be king, that it was his destiny. She assured him that royal blood was unnecessary, that he would be king despite his lineage. She told him he would be the new face of the Aphelion Blessing. She so faithfully planted and then watered this seed that to this day he has his mind set on being king of the Aphelion Blessing. He sees himself as great, and although he hides this often, there are times when he can snap and demand that someone else realize his power as well, realize his place as king. It has only happened once or twice, during one of his mental breakdowns, but he has before attacked, pinned, and then threatened someone until they were literally shaking in fear, bowing before him and claiming him to be the great and almighty future king. You can be sure of one thing, he is working on the perfect plan to claim his rightful place as king. He understands this may take years still, but he is willing to wait until the perfect moment. (note: this is a delusion and aspiration of the character's; I have no intentions for him to actually succeed in accomplishing his goals)


Before Birth - "Accidents happen. I was one of them."
The night was dark. Not even the moon dared to peek her way out from behind her canopy of clouds. The blood bay stallion's dark coat blended in well with the shadows, though his curly white mane and tail did not. He was large - not quite the size of a full draft, but still a big boy. He was heavy with large hooves and thick feathering. His head had a slight convex profile to it as well and his lightly crested neck added to the over all massiveness of the stallion. He looked big, though he only stood at about 16hh. Sure, he was tall, but not nearly as tall as he looked from afar. He had had a bad day. He'd been ridiculed by his own father and to top it off his girlfriend had dumped him. She said he was too rough, too harsh to her, that he never treated her right. The idiot mare didn't know what she was talking about. A heavy snort left his flared nostrils, causing a puff of steam to rise in the cool late autumn air.
Dark ears flicked forward when he heard a surprised gasp. Peering around a few trees he saw a pale mare who had been startled awake by his boystrouse approach. He watched her for a moment, his pale blue gaze meeting her own deep brown gaze. Her eyes were lit with a fire that he'd never seen before, and he knew it wasn't the light, there was none. No, but she shone with her own light... he wanted that light for himself. "Excuse me miss," his deep tone fit his large build rather well as he slowly approached her. She was so much smaller than him. Not so much by height, but by her build. She almost looked delicate, though her spirit was not. "I didn't mean to startle you."
The young mare bowed her head politely and offered a kind, forgiving grin, though it held more to it than just that. "No that's quite alright. It's too lovely a night to be sleeping." She took a few steps toward him, eating the small space he had left separating the two strangers from one another.

The two never saw each other after that. To them it was just one special night shared between strangers. They didn't even know the other's name. Nothing was meant to be of the interaction, but sometimes fate has a funny way of working. Several months later Kokkino was forced to the realization that their one night had created something more. Frightened she sought the stallion out. Not even knowing his name it was a hard task among the large community of the unicorns, but she was a stubborn, determined thing and in time she found him. At first he was shocked by the news, as well as possibly slightly angered, but she was persistent and soon he accepted it. Kokkino convinced Nychta to work together to raise their foal in the best family they could create for it. They used the months before the foal was born to get to know each other. There was no love between the two, but over time they did become rather good friends, even though his short temper caused much friction between the two.

Birth - "Mother wanted a filly. Father wanted a strong colt. I was neither."
No one knew why the pale dun mare wanted a filly so badly, but everyone did know that is what she wanted. She always spoke of the unborn foal as a female and would scold anyone who accidentally called it a him. She had already gone through several possible names for her daughter, but when anyone suggested a male's name she would only glare. She was extremely excited for the filly to be born, and as time grew closer she shared this news. Some figured it was just a mother's wish to have a daughter to dote on and braid her hair, but there was more to it than that. She had a greater desire, a predestined fate for the filly, if you will. You could call her delusional... you would probably be right. Delusional or not though, she held firmly to her beliefs, and when the time came for the foal to be born (even if it was early) she was ecstatic. ((The reasoning for her wanting a filly is very long and complicated. This will be included in her NPC sheet when it is done. Until then, yes, she was delusional.))
Kokkino looked back at the small pale foal that lay behind her, its wet, dainty little head wobbling unsurely as deep brown eyes peered in wonder at her. "Your color is like mine," she whispered proudly, reaching forward to nuzzle the tiny life that she had created. "And your hair as white as your father's." She gently licked the little head. "Surely you will..."
Kokkino's voice cracked and she suddenly drew back from the foal as if it were a rattler. "No, this can't be." She shook her head, as if denying the truth. But there was no escaping what was, the foal was a young colt, not a filly. At that instant, all of her hopes and dreams fell, crashing onto the hard cold ground of reality below and crumbling into a million unrecognizable pieces.
A colt... it couldn't be a colt. She stared down at the confused foal. No, it was a colt, no matter how much she tried to deny the fact. Now what? Everything was ruined! Her ears pinned as she glared at it. It had messed up everything! Over time as she watched the small thing though, she wondered if maybe it hadn't. It was a colt, yes, but it's coloring was so beautiful, more so than her own. It was small and looked more like her in build than his father. Perhaps a filly wouldn't have been able to succeed in the future that she had planned for it. Maybe a colt was needed... After all, Nychta had wanted a colt. He had never harmed her yet, but he had a temper. If it had been a filly, he very well could have been angered. Maybe it was meant to be this way. Maybe she had been mistaken and instead of seeing a filly she had simply seen a feminine stallion. Yes, that's what it was. He wasn't the filly she thought she wanted, but he would still fulfill his destiny.

"Koko." Called the deep, rumbling voice of the foal's sire. He ducked under the bushes that veiled the mare, making a safe and secure nest for her to birth her first foal in the cold of the early winter. "Why, where is the foal?" He asked in confusion as he folded his thick legs underneath himself, laying to the ground. He could smell that the foal had been born. That sweet scent of a newborn had greeted his sensitive nostrils the second he poked his head in the nest.
"It is a colt, Night." She began with a soft smile, hoping that maybe she could talk him into being proud of his son, rather than ashamed of how small he was. She knew he had been hoping for someone strong and great like himself. She was worried. Over their time together he had grown more and more restless. She wasn't sure why, but he was angry almost all the time. It didn't take much to push him over the edge anymore, and part of her was concerned that the sight of the small little colt would do just that. 
"Just like you wanted."
She was not wrong in thinking he would be proud of the idea of having a son though. He grinned happily, excited to see his very first son. "Well then, let me see." He probed eagerly. "I must bless my son."
Kokkino nodded her head, the end of her long tail twitching nervously before she stood up, revealing the tiny pale body that had been lay close to her for warmth against the chill of early winter. "Behold, you're so-"
"Is this a joke?!" Nychta bellowed as he quickly stood, his ears flicking back against his neck as he stomped a large hoof into the hard ground. "How dare you present me with a runt?! This… this… thing doesn't even deserve to be called my son!"
"Night, please." Kokkino
 pleaded, falling down onto her knees.  "He was born premature. Surely over time he will grow and become stronger than any of the other fawns. Just give him time, please." He wouldn't kill him would he? He couldn't! "Please, give him time. I promise he will grow strong."
Nychta snorted, standing tall in front of her. His breaths were heavy and could be seen in wisps as they danced in the air like the breath of a dragon. His large hooves were so close to trampling the tiny body. "Silence!" He screamed, pushing her to the back of the den. "If he survives the winter, then he will prove to me his strength, but I will not be seen with a runt tailing behind me. He will be your son, and he will stay with you. If he gets in the way, you can be sure I won't hesitate to kill him." Without another word or glance at the mare or her foal he stormed out of the den, pulling down the protective bushes as he carelessly departed.
The harsh, nipping cold of the wind brought a shivering cry from the young baby. Kokkino quickly ran to his side, wrapping herself around him for warmth and protection from the harshness of the cruel world they lived in. "Shhhh, hush now my child." She cooed gently as she licked his still unsteady head. A single tear trickled down her face and onto the dry ground below, soon joined by several drops of rain as a steady yet slow drizzle fell from the dark night sky. Kokkino gazed up into the sky as the raindrops fell onto her face, mixing with her own tears. "The heavens, they are crying." She whispered softly. Her muzzle gently turned and ran down the tiny body of the premature foal. "They cry for you, my little Dákrya Theoú."

Foalhood - "Mother warmed up to me, but father only grew colder."
The small peach foal crawled sleepily out of the den he and his mother had wintered in. Even though he was little, he was strong and in good shape, surviving the harsh cold of the winter. There had been a time or two where it was doubted he would make it, but each time he went against the odds, proving that his size had nothing to do with his strength. Now it was spring though and the cool air tickled his nostrils, bringing to him lovely smells of budding trees, rain, and other foals. At last he would have friends to play with! His long gangly legs were now coordinated and strong and they carried him proudly out into the open toward a small family of Unicorns that were grazing not too far away. His mother didn't know he was out yet, but he was sure she wouldn't mind if he adventured and played with the neighbors.
"Hi there!" His high pitched squeak of a voice caused the mare's ears to twitch his way. She smiled softly and lowered her muzzle to the little ball of joy. Her eyes were soft and her smile was welcoming.
"Well hello there little one." She greeted kindly. Her voice was soothing, it made Dákrya happy. "What can I do for you?"
"Well… I wanted to play." Dákrya replied respectfully, looking at the young buckskin filly that hid behind her mother's legs, tangling herself in the long hairs of her cream tail. The young colt leaned to the side to peer around the mare's legs. "Would you like to play?"
"Runt!" The harsh tone cracked like thunder, making Dákrya flinch back away from the mare who quickly herded her filly away the second she saw the approaching bay stallion.
"Yes papa?" Dákrya replied softly, keeping his head low, his long tail wrapped around his stick-like legs.
"Do not call me that!" Bellowed the stallion as he lashed out, kicking the colt clear off of his hooves.
The colt gave a soft, surprised grunt as he fell in a mess of legs into the spring grass. "Sorry sir." Dákrya was now trembling. Quietly he pulled himself back to his hooves and stared up at the large stallion.
"Nychta! What are you doing?!" Kokkino's sharp cry echoed in both of their ears, though it had a different sound to each. To Dákrya, it was comforting, it meant safety and warmth, while to Nychta, it was just the annoying buzz of the mare who had failed to give him a strong son. "You promised you wouldn't hurt him if he survived the winter!" She demanded, sweeping in and standing above her foal, her ears back as she stared him down like the protective mother that she was.
"No, I said I would not kill him. I never said a thing about hurting him." He stepped forward, pounding a hoof into the earth as he lifted his head. "Move aside, now."
"No." Came the mare's brave reply. She was brave, spirited, and rebellious. She was not one to be pushed around. "I will not let you hurt my son."
"I will do as I please!" Nychta roared, lowering his horn toward her and pawing at the dirt, dust flowing out behind him as his heavy snorts resembled the sound of a steam engine. "And I will not be hindered by the likes of a mare!" Without another notice he charged full force into the smaller unicorn, throwing her several feet. Dakrya quickly skittered out of the way as he watched his father advance on his mother once more, pinning her to the ground with his horn to her chest and then shaking her violently. The brave mare didn't make a sound as he tossed her about - silently defiant. It felt like forever before the bay stallion finally backed off. He turned to leave, but before he departed he gave one dark glare to the cowering foal - a look of hatred, of disappointment, of disownment.

The raged beatings would quickly become something that Dákrya and Kokkino grew used to. It wasn't uncommon for Nychta to unleash any of his anger from the day on them, and as time passed he became more and more angry. Afraid of her colt being harmed Kokkino tried to leave him, but Nychta had become possessive over the mare and refused to let her go. Several times she tried to run away and each time he tracked her down and brought her back, punishing her for trying to leave. Eventually she gave up on trying to leave, but that didn't mean she would give up on protecting her son. Kokkino always took the bulk of the beatings. She would unhesitantly step in between the stallion and her son every time he turned on him.

50 Years - "I not only discovered my gift, but my destiny as well."
"You are truly gifted, my son." Kokkino met the young stallion after he had received his rank. The frequent beatings had caused her body to age early, but she was a trooper and never complained. She walked to the young stallion who stood smaller even than she, laying her head over his back. "Though you may be small, you posses great power, power even I could not imagine ever yielding."
"Power?" Dakrya asked softly. He chuckled some, thinking his mother had to be out of his mind. "Mother, my gift is shadow manipulation, I don't see how there is any power in that.
"You underestimate your own power, son." The mare assured him softly, nudging his dark horn.
"I still don't see how shadow manipulation is all that great." He loved and respected his mother, but there were times that she didn't make sense even to him.
"You may not see it yet, my son, but you possess more power than you can imagine. I have seen it, in a dream. You are destined, Dákrya Theoú, for greatness. Destined to be king."
"King?" The young stallion asked unsurely. His mother had many times told him of how powerful he would be, that he was destined for greatness, but never had she went as far as to say he would be king. How could anyone expect to take the place of Lord Valraldic?
"Yes, my son. I have known since before you were born that you would be great, that you would be powerful, that you would rule. It is your destiny." She pulled away so that she could look him in the eyes. "You will be king one day. You will be more powerful than even Valraldic, more feared, more respected. All of Aphelion will bow before you!"
Dákrya looked deep into her sure gaze. It seemed a bit far-fetched, but his mother was so wise, she knew so much. If she believed that he would be king, then it must be true. A smile spread on his maw as he nodded his head. "I will be king."

Throughout the next few years Kokkino continued to implement these grand ideas into Dákrya's head, and over time he came to truly believe them. He grew to believe them so firmly that he would fight with everything he had to fulfill his mother's "prophecy." His illusions of grandeur became stronger and stronger to the point that at times he demanded others bow to him, the future king of Aphelion. It was this stage in his life that seeded the mentally unstable, delusional mastermind that he is now. 

112 Years - "There was only one good thing in my life... and he took it away."
"NO!" He was too late. The once beautiful, fine mare lay in a limp heap before the hooves of the merciless stallion who had tormented her all these years. "You bastard!" He didn't even think - didn't even consider the certain consequences of his actions - he was too angry to, too hurt. He charged right for his father, his head low, horn extended. Nychta turned and lowered his head to meet his son's advance and Dákrya prepared for impact, but the moment never came. With one swift movement Nychta veered around him, dodging his horn and slamming his heavy shoulder into the smaller body of the young stallion. As Dakrya fell a cloven hoof kicked out and cut across his eye.
"You fool!" His deep voice rumbled into Dákrya's ears as he attempted to pull himself out of the dirt. "Next time I won't hesitate to kill you!" With that he was gone. He simply stormed away, leaving the young stallion alone to morn over the death of his own mother.
Ignoring the burning pain in his left eye, Dákrya stumbled to his hooves and crawled to the side of the mare who had raised him, the only one who had ever cared for him or given him the time of day. He lowered his head, chocking back the tears that pooled at the back of his eyes. Tears were only weakness, he wouldn't cry. Gently he touched her delicate face, closing his eyes and trying to control his breaths. He felt the anger inside him ignite like a fire that had long been awaiting a shift in the wind, an opportunity to engulf the dried forest of his soul. It fueled his rage - it fueled his hatred toward his father.

Present - "One day I will avenge her."
Dákrya would never be able to forget that day - the day his mother was killed by his own father. The sight of her body falling limply before the bay stallion in a bloody mess still haunts his dreams. In his eyes he should have been killed. He should have been the one to bear his father's wrath. She had fallen in his stead, and he would repay her. He has set in his mind to kill his father. No matter how long he has to wait or how hard he has to train, he will kill him. He still intends to become king some day, in order to honer his mother's wishes, but first he must avenger her death. Until he is ready, he patiently waits, allowing his father to push him around and beat on him, sinking as low as he can to prevent the stallion every realizing his intentions. It has been 20 years since her death but he still waits for the right moment to come.
Character Card | Mavro and Aspro by NaporieRizia
Character Card | Mavro and Aspro
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... Hi. *plops down and munches chips* Fiiirst off I'm just gunna say sorry to all ya'll DA people's for my short little hiatus. Something happened that kinda pushed me too far and I just needed a quick break from all things internet for a few days to help me get over it and move on. Don't worry, all's good though and I'm perky and back.  I'll be working on catching up to notes, messages, and comments soon (probably not tonight because it's late... but soon).

Aaaand I bring back a new thing with me! See that? Yep, that's a card (or I hope it looks like a card). I was nostalgically looking through my old things and found my old Bella Sara cards and I thought it would be cool to make my own cards. Sooooo that's what I'm doing! This here is the first card of my own card set of my characters. I have over 200 different characters and sadly very few of them have any art besides their reference (by me anyways). I thought this would be a cool way to give them the attention they need. Pictures won't be super big and fancy, just a simple full body picture with my developing painting-like background style. This will be a good way to help me develop as well as to give them love. So yes, each character will be getting one card for themselves. It'll obviously be a slow on and off thing, but that's ok, it'll give me something to do.
I'm also going to have different "sets" or "collections" for them, depending on the character. As you can see up there at the top there's the title (which is very unoriginal I know but I wasn't feeling original). Each "set" will have a different card color but the idea of the picture will be just the same, it'll still be a character of mine. Ahh gee, I'll just explain each of them.

Naporie Rizia's Characters
This is the biggest set out of them all, and will continuously grow as I get new characters. It consists of the largest percentage of my characters of all types and species. They all come in a very wide variety. No matter how different though, they are all loved.

Naporie Rizia's Originals
This set contains my "original" characters, or the ones that I have had the longest and that are still developing and active today. These would include Psycho, Ally, Moonlight, and other older characters of mine. They have a special place in my heart because they have been with me for so long.

Naporie Rizia's Antiques
This set consists of my first ever characters, created far back when I was very young. They are not active anymore because I have learned new ways of developing and creating characters and have developed my own "style" and preferences, but they are still special and held dearly because of the nostalgia that comes with them.

So yep, that's them. More sets may come later, but those are the ones I'll start with. You'll probably be seeing more of these soon. I love this idea so much. I'm very tempted to print them out and laminate them so I have my own personal cards. They would be so much more important to me than the simple Bella Sara cards I used to love. <3
CW | Nabali | NPC by NaporieRizia
CW | Nabali | NPC
Maternal Grandfather of Niya

General Information

Name: Nabali
Pronunciation: Nah - ball - lee
Meaning: Night | Darkness
Also Called: Naby (only by those who are close to him)

Gender: Stallion
Age: 58
Herd: Loner
Rank: Lurker

Special Ability: NA
Gift: NA

Breed: Arabian (may have distant Marwari)
Height: 14.2hh
Phenotype: Black Blanket Appaloosa
Genotype: ee/Aa/LpLp/PATNmin

Sire: NA
Dam: NA
Siblings: NA
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Foal(s): Anise


Kind - "Don't listen to them. It's just words."
Naby is honestly just a big soft heart. He really hates to see anyone sad, and he has a specific soft spot for mares, due to his upbringing. He doesn't see them as lower specimens at all. In fact he realizes that they are stronger than stallions in order to go through all the stages of birth. He is kind toward everyone though, not just mares. He tends to stick up for the underdogs. Not so much by fighting for them, but by encouraging them and trying to help raise their self esteem.

Rebellious - "Well do you believe in that? Then don't listen to them."
In his mind, rules are for nothing else but breaking. He only ever follows his own rules, which is that there are no rules. He doesn't let anything hold him back. His decisions are based on how others will be effected from them, as well as himself in cases. He has been known to outwardly and very purposefully rebell against rules when he can, just to prove that he doesn't have to follow anyone.

Fearful Respect - "Never anger someone who could kick your a**."
While Naby is rebellious and rarely conforms to rules, there are exceptions. He's not stupid and he knows when he can't win a fight (which with his size is almost allways). If he's up against someone who is bigger or stronger than him, he will not be quite as obstant. It is his respectful fear for those of the Bachelor herd that kept him from sticking up for every mare he saw being wronged or for every colt who was bullied. Instead he kept to the shadows. He certainly did break the rules, but in secret for the most part. Even now he realizes that he has to be careful who he defies and when.

Restless - "I can't live under the rule of someone else. I need to be free."
Ever since he was young Naby has had a deep desire to be free of any rules or restraints. It only got worse and worse as he grew older. Finally a loner he can finally be free, but in a way he's still restless, still not perfectly content even with his long sought-freedom.

Regretfull - "If I could take back one thing..."
Living on his own Naby may have the freedom he wanted, but he's not happy. In fact, he's rather depressed and regretfull. Often times he will sit and think over the decisions he made and wish he could take them back.


Newborn - "I wasn't made for this life. I'm surprised I even survived."
The small black colt's tiny body shivered, his teeth clacking together. His dam held him close, licking his steaming hot coat, her ears to the side in worry. He'd been like this for several hours, she was worried he wouldn't make it through the night. His scaring hadn't even been all that large. He was just too small and too weak.

Nabali was very ill after his scarring, almost losing his life that night. He clung on though, too stubborn to die it seemed. He was weakened by the fever though, taking a long time to recover, putting him behind the other foals, but as far as his mother found it, he was alive, and that was what mattered.

Foalhood - "It was clear to everyone that I didn't fit in, even when I tried."
"Oh, can I play with you guys?!" Nabali yelled as he ran over to the other colts. "I'm really good at this game."
"At what? Acting like a filly?" The others laughed at the colt's words.
"Well... no." The black appaloosa ears twitched some as he gave a light smile. "No I'm really fast, I could do well. I'll show you if you let me play."
"This isn't a race, freak. This is a raid. It's not just about speed. You have to be strong and powerful too."
"Well... speed is important as well." Nabali assured him, not seeming to be convincing him any."
"Whatever, you can chase any mares that get away..." He snickered some. "That is if any get away from us."

Nabali didn't fit in very well with the colts. The colts his age were far stronger than him and he could never keep up with them. Those who were more equal in his fitness were far too young and his maturity surpassed them, making their games boring for him. He tried his best to find ways that he could play with the colts his age, but often he was just left behind, unable to keep up.

Adolescence - "I was that typical teenager that never listened, but I was slowly getting accepted as part of the herd."
The black colt rolled his eyes as his mentor tried to teach him something... he didn't know what. He wasn't paying any attention. He was busy admiring one of the young fillies from a distance as she grazed.
"Nabali!" His attention was pulled back to the older horse. "Are you listening to a word I say?"
The young horse gave an innocent grin as he shook his head. "Ah... no sir... not really."
The stallion snorted, stomping a hoof as he grabbed his mane and dragged him off to a more secluded place where he could talk to him without him staring at the mares. As they left a few of the colts who had become friends with the rebellious young thing cheered him on as if he were going into some fight... he might as well have been.

Nabali got into lots of trouble as he got older. He was easily distracted during training and didn't conform to the rules too well. He had gotten himself a few friends though and was slowly becoming accepted in the herd now that he had physically caught up to the other colts his age. Things were looking up for the young colt, but he wasn't satisfied yet. He wanted to be free, not stuck under the rules and regulations of the herd.

Adulthood - "Everyone has choices in life. I made the wrong one."
If you want to learn more... you'll just have to wait *evil laughter* and keep your eyes open for gran-gran's stories about herself and Nabali.


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