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They call me Nap
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


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My goal is to save up enough points to make MysteryRPG a super group. All are encouraged to donate, but none have to. Members who donate 50 points will get an alter for one of their characters on the forum.

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MryRPG | Kass | Helooooo by NaporieRizia
MryRPG | Kass | Helooooo
+1 ExP

Just an old sketch I had done of Kass back when she was going to be for another rp group. I didn't know what to do with it... and it was bugging me that her stats were one point off of being a multiple of 5 so... yeah. Don't judge me! Everyone has their obsessive compulsive moments.
So yes, enjoy the pretty girl, but... well you know the drill, don't get too close.
MryRPG | Welcome to Mystery Carousals Pt1 by NaporieRizia
MryRPG | Welcome to Mystery Carousals Pt1
+ 5 ExP

I decided I wanted to do a little something for all of the people who have joined Mystery so far as a way of welcoming them. These Carousals are one of my favorite things to do, and simple enough that I won't over-do myself trying to take such a project on. And so, I am making Carousals for all who are in Mystery. Don't worry, more are on their way for those who are not in here. I'm just going to upload them in sets of 10 as it's easiest to keep track of the ExP. You can use these fore whatever you like. So, included here we have:

Sasha-Arctic's Lucian
Sasha-Arctic's DU5T
FallenClockwork's Xenon
FallenClockwork's Heidy
Wgurgh's Max
Draeesi's Brendon
KinaRain's Lillith Rose
Nuklear-Bunnies's Simira
ishaddixx's Blacke
11IceDragon11's Crux
Step Into The Fire by NaporieRizia
Step Into The Fire
Want to go into the fire?
Want to see me win?
Want to perish now?

1, 2, 3, ... Ring free!
I will never give up.
It's not over yet.
Now you will see.
1, 2, 3, .... Ring free!

Lyrics a translation of Ring Frei by LaFee

Um so.... Ok don't even ask, I hardly know what this is... mostly. Ok, so I was translating this song because it has an awesome ring to it and I figured it would fit one of my characters. I like to kinda play with translations myself so I can find ways to make songs like this able to be sung to the tune in English, anyways, yeah I'm weird. As I was doing so, I got this new inspiration for a really fun character. A shifter who would be in the shifter fighting ring on Ara (the same one Bandit and Bloody Angel are in). I decided to make her original species be this skinny dragon breed I made a while ago (it's what Andromida is) and I used an old design that had been for a Seltos but was no longer wanted, did a little tinkering to make her more exotic and got this girl (the horns are not correct, that's just old lines)
After designing her and thinking up her personality though, I got sudden inspiration to at least draw her. This started as just a sketch to show her teeth formations and... next thing I know I've made some super detailed lines of awesomeness. Colored her, added some blood, shaded with some strange mix of shading styles from before, and then I threw on a dark background. I wasn't sure about adding the fire but after looking up a few pictures it came pretty easy.

So yes, this picture literally came from nothing more than a song, and brought with it a whole new character to play with.
I think I'm done blabbing now.

You should listen to that song though man. It's really good music, even if you don't speak German. (and if you do, awesome for you)
MryRPG | Kass | Stat Tracker by NaporieRizia
MryRPG | Kass | Stat Tracker
Note: Image will only be updated every now and then (it's a pain to do so for each picture drawn), see below for up to date stats.
ReferenceRP TrackerGallery Folder


Strength | 0 ExP
:bulletgreen: 0 ExP | Not very strong; can only move small objects of about 1/8th of their body weight
:bulletblack: 25 ExP | Minimal strength; can move objects up to 1/4th of their body weight
:bulletblack: 50 ExP | Average strength; can move objects that are 1/2 of their body weight
:bulletblack: 75 ExP | Stronger than normal; can move objects equal to their own body weight
:bulletblack: 100 ExP | Extremely strong; can move objects up to twice their body weight

Speed | 0 ExP
:bulletgreen: 0 ExP | Slower than most; can only reach speeds of about 15 mph
:bulletblack: 25 ExP | Getting faster; can reach speeds of up to 25 mph
:bulletblack: 50 ExP | Average runner; can reach speeds of up to 30 mph
:bulletblack: 75 ExP | Fast runner; can reach speeds of up to 40 mph
:bulletblack: 100 ExP | Lightning fast; can reach speeds of a whopping 50 mph

Endurance | 20 ExP
:bulletgreen: 0 ExP | Gets winded easily and can only run top speed for short dashes
:bulletyellow: 25 ExP | Can run full speed for about 1/4 of a mile before needing to slow down; is slightly resistant to infections
:bulletblack: 50 ExP | Can run full speed for a full mile before tiring; is resistant to most common illnesses
:bulletblack: 75 ExP | Can run full speed for a mile and a half before needing to rest; is immune to common illnesses
:bulletblack: 100 ExP | Can run full speed for two full miles before getting winded; is immune to most illnesses and diseases

Agility | 50 SP, 0 ExP
:bulletblue: 0 ExP | Not very agile; tends to stumble over their own feet
:bulletblue: 25 ExP | Finding their footing; gaining grace to their movements and doesn't stumble as much
:bulletblue: 50 ExP | Pretty agile; rarely trips and is known as surefooted, even on uneven ground
:bulletblack: 75 ExP | Like a cat; can maneuver over most terrain without stumbling or loosing their footing
:bulletblack: 100 ExP | Master status; can cross just about any terrain without a second thought

Tactic | 50 SP, 25 ExP
:bulletblue: 0 ExP | Naive and easily fooled; has trouble reacting quickly in tough situations
:bulletblue: 25 ExP | Not as easily fooled; can make plans ahead and set goals though has trouble focusing on them; still can't work well under pressure
:bulletblue: 50 ExP | Able to set future goals and keep their eye on them; can react decently even in sudden situations
:bulletgreen: 75 ExP | Can set detailed plans to get what they want and consider most factors included; beginning to be able to make predictions of others within their plans, though not always 100% correct
:bulletblack: 100 ExP | Master planner; can look into the future and set perfectly detailed plans with all the pieces in place; can predict reactions of others near spot on; can react on the spot and are not affected by time or pressure at all

Experience Points

Admin Work
1 Fullbody + Detailed Background + Advertisement Bonus | 10 ExP
1 Headshot | 1 ExP
Detailed Background | 3 ExP
Detailed Background | 3 ExP
770 Words | 1 ExP
748 Words | 1 ExP
1703 Words | 3 ExP
1261 Words | 2 ExP
1398 Words | 2 ExP
1215 Words | 2 ExP
989 Words | 1 ExP
540 Words | 1 ExP

Character Art & Stories
Application + 1 Headshot | 6ExP
Stat Tracker | 1 Headshot | 1 ExP
1 Full Body Pixal | 1 ExP
1 Headshot | 1 ExP
10 Repeated Pixals | 5 ExP
1 Headshot | 1 ExP

Total: 45

Experiance Checkpoints Reached

:bulletgreen: 25 ExP | Your character can now make group movements
:bulletblack: 50 ExP | You can breed this character with another who has reached 50 ExP
:bulletblack: 100 ExP | Earns you an additional character slot
:bulletblack: 125 ExP | Your character can now have a common companion
:bulletblack: 150 ExP | Your character can now have an uncommon companion (if they don't already have a companion)
:bulletblack: 200 ExP | ???
:bulletblack: 300 ExP | Your character can now have a rare companion (if they don't already have a companion)
MryRPG | Kassandra by NaporieRizia
MryRPG | Kassandra

"Love me? Darling, you don't even know me."

Stat Tracker | RP Tracker | Gallery Folder
Proof of Slot

General Information

Name: Kassandra
Pronunciation: Ku sahn dru
Meaning: "entangler of man"
Also Called: Kass, Kassy, Kay, "Anything you wanna call me sweaty."

Gender: Mare
Age: 8 years
Breed: 35% Ahkal - Teke, 15% Appaloosa (image is wrong), 25% Arabian, 25% Marwari
Height: 15.1hh
Phenotype: Sooty Bay Splash Blanket Appaloosa
Genotype: Ee/Aa/sty/nSpl/nLpd

Sire: unknown
Dam: Amora
Siblings: Several half siblings

Orientation: Panasexual
Status: Everywhere
Offspring: Not yet


Kass is a small, leggy, dainty thing. With her long legs, long back, and long neck, she is the perfect picture of grace and beauty. She has the narrow, slim build of an Akhal-Teke with the dainty dished face and arched neck of an Arabian and the curled ears of a Marwari. She really is the picture of beauty, and she knows this.

Her coat has a sort of rusty look to it. It is a deep bay slightly lighter along her underside with dark black legs that contrast loudly with the rest of her coat. Faint dapples line her topline and on top of them is a white blanket with soft edges and some dark spots mingled in with it. She has a very peculiar white face and neck, a trait that her mother seems to pass on to all of her foals. It is most likely a somewhat mutated version of the splash gene, rather than the normal splash trait most would see, but it is very attractive.

Kass has very thin, silky hair, probably inherited from her Marwari blood. It is a deep, dark, coal black color. Her tail is held high all the time and the hair long enough to brush the bottom of her hocks when held up, and her fetlocks when she lets it set down. Her mane is kept rubbed short and messy and has a light curl to it. Her forelock is left long though and tends to drape over one side or the other of her face. She likes to toss it to the side to catch someone's attention.


A sweet, carefree little mare who knows how to make your heart skip a beat.

:bulletgreen: Pleasant - "I hope you have a delightful day dear."
In everything she does Kass has a sweet, pleasant way of going about. She seems calm and in control at all times, always with a smile and speaking with a soft voice and just enough energy to build you up. She doesn't get angered easily but instead takes everything in stride. She is very mannered and polite in her way of speaking, especially when is considered her wording. when it comes to first impressions she often passes for a sweet, friendly little mare who wouldn't hurt a fly...

:bulletgreen: Eloquent - "Words can be a formidable instrument."
Kass has a very wide vocabulary, most of the words being what you could call "fancy." Now she doesn't go around talking like a stuck up Englishman, but she does find pleasure in decorating her sentences with a few lesser-used words here and there. she thinks that it makes her seem different and stand out from the others. It does indeed make her seem at first glance to be a very proper lady, but don't let this fool you, she is far from this. she uses these sharp-dressed words to candy coat her insults so that they sting less, mixing them into her conversation so that you hardly notice she's just insulted you. "It is the difference between being cut by a dull blade and one that has been sharpened. One that is dull hurts more right away, though may not have as much lasting damage. One that is sharp hardly hurts at first even when it cuts deep, leaving a scar that will forever remind you of your dance with the blade." Of course, she always apologizes if you seem hurt by her words, insisting she had not meant to do so... after she's fed on your pain.

:bulletgreen: Mannered - "But of course, I would be honored."
Having been raised by her proper aunt most of her life, Kass has learned perfect manners and etiquette. She is very polite, always saying please and thank you, and then some. Her manners added with her decorated vocabulary can give her a bit of an "old lady" sort of appearance, though she is far more fun than you'd expect a proper old lady to be. In some ways these manners are just a habit that has been drilled quite deeply into her being. She doesn't mind much though.

:bulletgreen: Carefree - "I fail to see how that is of any of my concern."
Kass has not a care in the world. She is just happy as is and it really is impossible to upset her. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet can put her down, and neither can the judgement of those around her. She could lose her footing and make a complete fool of herself in front of the whole herd and end up laughing with the rest of them. As long as she's alive and in good health she is perfectly happy. That's where the catch is, she needs to be ok. As long as she herself is ok physically all is good. If something threatens her physical health it could easily throw a rock into the gears of the self-centered mare.

:bulletgreen: Flirty - "You're so cute I could eat you right up."
Kass may be a sweetheart but she is far from innocent. She loves to play with the boys and girls and will flirt with just about anyone. She will tease and tempt anyone she meets, no matter who they are or what their personal interest. Even someone who is clearly taken can be a target - "all in good fun" she will say. she is of course very careful not to push too far to upset someone, but she will continue to push buttons until she has reached the last point, waiting for them to just give in and join her game. She goes about with the attitude that everyone needs to lighten up and live a little and that she is just helping them through her flirtatious pursuit. While she will flirt and tease everyone, this sin't to say she will go all the way with every soul that she meets... though that's always in the back of her mind. Still, she likes to watch them melt under her touch and enjoys whispering in their ear until their whole body is shaking. She knows the body and prides herself in being able to draw a pleasant reaction from even the coldest of horses.

A manipulative, controlling sadist who couldn't care less about anyone else.

:bulletred: Deceptive - "Don't act so surprised. You can't honestly say you believed me?"
Watch out! While on the outside Kass comes across as a sweet but very flirty mare, she has a dark side - one that grows increasingly darker. Her game is to wrap you around her sweet girl act until you think you know and can trust her. Then she gets you alone and the real Kass comes out. Cruel and unmerciful she will attack you with her words until there is nothing left of you. She chisels away at whatever sanity you have, finding your weak spots and assaulting them with an arsenal of carefully thought out and sharpened words meant to cut you down until there is nothing left but an emotional train-wreck. 

:bulletred: Insensitive - "Darling, I couldn't care less."
Even though she tends to make out otherwise, Kass hasn't a care in the world for anyone else. She doesn't care if their feelings are hurt or even if they are physically in pain. She can be ignorant to the feelings of those around her because she simply doesn't care anyways. In fact, she thrives on the emotional suffering of those around her, especially when she was the one to cause it.

:bulletred: Callous - "Emotions are for the weak, they allow you to be controlled."
Not only does she neglect to notice the emotions of those around her, but she herself is empty of emotions. Her typical gentle, sweet, flirty personality is all you will see of her. She doesn't show sorrow, hatred, depression... nothing. It can be said she doesn't even know real joy. 

:bulletred: Manipulative - "The mind is easy to control when you know it so well."
If she can't get her way, she will squirm around until she can get what she wants. She doesn't truly expect anyone to give her what she desires without some help, and so she is more than willing to play the cards and take control. She knows how to play with emotions and will toy with you until she can squeeze what she wants out of you. For those who don't fall for her simple manipulation she has several aces hidden under her sleeve to insure she gets what she desires. She runs the show and makes the decisions and she will manipulate you to do exactly what it was she wanted without you even knowing she was the one in control.

:bulletred: Controlling Sadist- "You poor little thing. You didn't actually think anyone could love you, right?"
The most fulfilling thing for Kass is to see someone hurt by her own words. She yearns to feel the satisfaction and control she receives when she tears someone apart from the inside out. She is driven by the feeling of having complete control over someone and even more in being able to break someone's heart knowing she was the one to cause it. Her favorite game is to lead someone on as if she is their lover until one day she turns around and spits in their face. She will take time to get to know someone just to learn their weak spots and then hits them right where it hurts the most, watching them crumble into a million different pieces, all because of her.


Birth - "I was denied love from the very beginning."
When you are not careful, accidents happen. Kass was the fifth accident of her mother's, and chances were she would not be the last. The mare was flirtatious and careless, and no matter how many accidental foals she had, she never learned her lesson. She didn't want the foals though, and she didn't hide this fact even from them. She gave them the absolute minimum attention that she needed to, and the rest of the time they were thrown under the care of their aunt. Kass' first sibling was 3, the one before that 5, another 8, and the oldest 12. Needless to say, their poor aunt had little time to give either much individual attention, and she really had little care to do so anyways. She raised them and taught them, but that was it. She never bothered to show them love nor kindness. They were just annoyances, another mess of her sister's that she was left to clean up.

"Strict rules and excessive limitations were all I knew..."
While her mother completely and totally ignored her and pretended as if she didn't exist, her aunt found other ways to get over the fact she didn't want her. Her favorite way to get Kass and her siblings out of her hair was to give them many tedious chores and to restrict them with over-the-top rules. On top of that, Kass was drilled with manners because her aunt thought it foolish that a foal should grow up not knowing how to properly respect her elders. When she wasn't doing the silly chores she was given, Kass lacked much true interaction. The youngest of her siblings had all but been adopted by another mare in the herd and so she was always spending time with her, and her other siblings didn't want to bother spending time with the young foal. The other mares of the herd didn't want her playing with their foals either, afraid she would be a bad influence on them. Kass was often left to play by herself and find her own ways of entertainment.

"well, that and..."
Sometimes Kass' aunt forced her mother to watch the foals while she went out to do her own things. No one really could blame her, after all it gets tiring watching that many foals. Amora didn't know how to be a mother though, nor did she really care. Most of the time she just ignored them and honestly she probably wouldn't have noticed if they ran off or if one caught on fire suddenly. To make matters worse, she had no respect for their innocence and didn't care if their young eyes saw her and her many lovers. Often her siblings would turn away and avert their attention, sometimes even sneaking off while their mother pleasured herself with stranger after stranger, but Kass was too curious to turn away. It was this simple, innocent curiosity that would later change the filly.

Yearling - "They say curiosity killed the cat. It gave me life!"
Kass' curiosity continued to grow as she did. With each passing month it became stronger and stronger. She had seen the dance that her mother did many times, now she wanted to know what it was like herself. It started innocent enough as a young filly curious to the ways of the adults. She would find a willing volunteer and prance off with them into the forest to show them what she had learned through observing her mother and her partners. What was first a kiss or two very quickly grew into nuzzling, cuddling, and all other manners of foreplay. After a while her caution began fading away. Being a year old now her mother and aunt hardly gave her a second glance, especially since they had another young foal to take care of. Without her aunt's watchful eye and constant scorning, she was free to flirt and play around with the other horses her age. She soon gained her reputation as the fun, flirty filly who all the colts talked about.

2 Years - "I grew up early, but I suppose I never really was a child at all."
As Kass grew into a teen she matured far past her years. The constant lectures to grow up form her aunt along with the exposure from her mother had finally done their job and made her into a young mare early on. She was the kind of filly that every colt wanted to get to know, especially those older than her. Somehow though, despite her popularity, ??? had been the lucky one to be able to call her his girlfriend. Before anyone knew it they were the young couple that you hardly ever saw separated.

3 Years
"Love... this was as close as I'd ever get."
The relationship between Kass and ??? was innocent enough. One night though they went farther than their usual cuddling and flirting. That night opened Kass' mind to whole new possibilities in life, to the excitement and pleasure that was available to her. For a young filly who had never known what it felt like to be loved, this was as close as she would ever get. It was something she came to grave. The two slipped away almost every night after that.

"At last I found something in my life that I could control."
It was during this stage in Kass' life that she realized the control she could have over her partner if she played her cards right. She grew to love the feeling of power she got when she could control ???'s actions. She began to experiment with him, playing with him to figure out what kind of reactions she could trigger. It began as a simple game to her, but her love of this game - and winning this game - planted the seed for it to grow into much more.

4 Years 
"My capacity to love was lacking... no, it was nonexistent."
As the year passed, Kass felt empty. There was something she was missing in her relationship. There was little excitement for her anymore. Their relationship was becoming a cage more than anything else. Kass was missing a very important ingredient: love. Never having been loved by anyone growing up, she didn't even know the meaning of the word. To her love was nothing more than a heated night with a desired partner. She couldn't understand what it was like to truly love someone, to want to be with them forever, to be willing to give anything for that person. This piece was lacking, and because of that her feelings for ??? were empty. Theirs was a physical relationship and nothing more, at least on her side. Gradually Kass grew frustrated with her inability to fill her emptiness but she kept it hidden within, putting on a loving front, playing the part, though she felt nothing inside.

"I couldn't return his love."
One day ??? confessed his love for Kass. Instead of being over-joyed by this honest sharing of feelings Kass was enraged. It didn't seem fair that he could feel something toward her so strong when she was unable to feel anything but a physical attraction to him - one that was dying as time went by. All of her bottled up frustrations came out and hurtful words were spewed. ???'s feelings were hurt and though it hadn't been on purpose, Kass discovered that she didn't feel badly for having caused him harm. In fact, she loved it. It felt good to get out her frustrations. Not only that, but seeing the pain in his eyes invigorated her. It made her feel alive! Suddenly the idea of being in control had moved to a whole new level. Not only could she elicit reactions, but she could control emotions too.

"I came to thirst for his suffering."
This was a new discovery to Kass, but gradually she began to experiment with her new findings. She'd sneak in cruel words when speaking with ??? just to see his expression, to see the hurt in his eyes. She'd insult him conversationally, raveling in his cringes each time. She loved to watch him slowly breaking down on the inside with each insult she so carefully fed him. Kass tore him down bit by bit, watching him crumble before her eyes - and she loved every single moment of it. At last it was time to lay the final blow. With no mercy or concern for him, she broke up with him, using her sharp tongue to tear at the last strings holding the poor thing together - finishing him emotionally.

5 Years
"I thrived on emotional pain. I needed more."
Power can corrupt someone, it can drive them to do evil things, it can blind them to the reality around them as they struggle to gain more. This is just what happened to Kass. She was excited by this new power she had found and she couldn't wait to try it on others. She needed to see what else she could do, to see who else she could control, and even more so, who else she could hurt. She found that causing others pain filled that empty hole in her heart. When she hurt someone she never felt more complete. She wanted to tear others down just as she had ???. She wanted to watch them crumble under her death grip - bleed from her sharp words. She went on to toy with the others in the herd. It was rare that anyone could have a conversation with her without her verbally abusing them in some way or another.

"It took me some time, but I found the perfect way to draw them in."
It didn't take long for Kass to find a problem with her new method: horses no longer wanted to be around her. They avoided her, not wanting to be torn down and picked away. She realized that she needed to find another method, something more subtle. She took on the facade of a sweet, friendly mare who just wanted to flirt a little. She made friends and was kind, always smiling and bright. She brought others in. She even apologized to those whom she had hurt, telling them that she had just been upset after her breakup with ???. Soon everyone forgot about her short phase of abusiveness and she was able to continue her abuse, though more secretly this time. She weaved her insults craftily within her eloquent words so that they were like a silent killer - unnoticed until they had already hit their mark.

6 Years - "It was my game, and they were my pawns."
Kass never again sought out a long term relationship, finding that they were not for her. They tied her down too much and restricted her freedom. Instead she bounced from one partner to another, using them and then tearing them down. She developed a game of getting to know someone just long enough to learn their deepest secrets. Once she discovered where they were weakest she would turn around and hit them where it hurt the most. Her need for control and pain only continued to grow and she became deceptive and manipulative. She controlled others subtly, without them even knowing they were being used as a puppet. The world became her play field and nothing would stop her from playing her game.

7 Years - "My life was perfect... and then it all burned away."
Things were going perfect for Kass. She had the herd wrapped around her tail, oblivious to her crafty ways. No one realized the game she was playing and she had grown so good at her act that she convinced them all, even those she had hurt, that she was nothing but an innocent sweet mare who would never harm a fly. She couldn't ask for more... and then the fire started. The flames devoured everything, taking lives and threatening to steal her own. Kass was lucky to escape unharmed, but the land she lived on was not so lucky. Everything was gone, the trees charred to nothing but dust and the grass completely stripped away. Several of the herd had perished in the flames, other suffered bad burns or smoke inhalation, and all of them mourned for their lost loved ones and the home that had been destroyed. Their pain would have been beautiful if it had been caused by herself, but it had not. To make things worse, they were too busy to give her any time at all. Her game had come to an end. She had nothing left here, and so she left.

8 Years
"I was never meant to be a loner. I was loosing my mind."
For a year Kass lived on her own, entertaining herself with random strangers she passed along the way. The life of a loner was not for her though. She couldn't stand being alone. When she did meet someone they never hung around long enough for her to get to know them - to hurt them. These loners were intent on remaining just that, but she was not. Being on her own was enough to drive her almost to insanity. She was so desperate for interaction that she began talking to herself.

"I was ready to give up... and then he came."
As the year went on with no sign of other horses of any kind, Kass began to loose hope. She stopped eating, she stopped trying. She was ready for her lonely life to just come to an end, and one night it did... though not in the way she had expected. A black unicorn appeared in her dreams, promising her new beginnings and a life where she was in control.... "Control, now you're talking."

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Do you want me to start another forum thread for SnakexNiya? :)
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Oh good idea! Go right ahead. -bows-
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NaporieRizia Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Oh gohs. The title you chose. Now you've got me listening to that song over and over again.
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