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They call me Nap.
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


CW | Kyanos | Obj 5 | Stand My Ground by NaporieRizia
CW | Kyanos | Obj 5 | Stand My Ground
+6 tier
+10 wg

The rats were vicious, determined things. They threw their skinny bodies at him with no mercy. Hungry teeth gnawed at his legs and even his underbelly. The things were in such a rush to get nourishment they didn't care about a kill, they were glad to eat him alive. Kyanos was just as determined as they were though. He was not about to give in. He wouldn't lose to the little rats. His ears lay flat on the back of his head as he fought them off from the church. He refused to let even one vermin step their dirty little claws into that building if it was the last thing he did. As far as he saw it no rat was getting inside the church until he was dead, and he had no intentions of dying any time soon, certainly not today, not while he had a job to do. His heart pumped adrenaline through his body, numbing the pain and giving him energy to keep on fighting. He knew he couldn't keep this up forever. "Hurry up dammit!" He screamed at the last few horses yet to enter the building, his hoarse voice cracking in opposition to the misuse.

... he lashed forward, grabbing the tail of one that had almost managed to slip past him and swinging it at several others, bowling them over before he threw the thing as far away from there as he could. He reared up, slamming his hooves down onto the spine of another and then kicking sideways with a back hoof to throw another off of his leg and kick a second in the face all at the same time. Wretched things! They were everywhere!

I can't begin to tell you all how much inspiration I had when I first started this picture... and how quickly it dissipated. Shortly I had written this post for the rp I was very inspired to draw Kyanos bravely facing the rats and fighting them off to keep them from getting into the church, which was to be protection for the others. Even though I hardly ever draw buildings, and how very much I hate them, I decided to give it a go. It was going well for the sketch and most of the bg painting... until I finished it and it didn't look nearly as good as it did in my mind. That killed the inspiration and I let it slip into my folders untouched for way too long.
As some of you may know (and others may not) I am in Virginia right now for my internship. The house I am staying in has no WiFi and it is in the middle of nowhere to the point I can't even get 3G with my phone half the time. Simply stated, I haven't been able to get online very much. And don't get me started with how busy I have been (not that it's a bad busy, I mean you can't beat spending the whole day working with wild mustangs). I touched on it a little this week but have had hardly any time to do so. Thankfully I have Sundays off and was able to go in town. I am right now in a McDonald's restaurant to post this, and I finished the picture in the back seat of my car. I had hoped to put in another horse, and those rats suck, but I ran out of time and I need to get this posted so I can get back to the house and put my groceries in the fridge before they go bad.
Sooooo... yeah that's about all I have to say. I hope I'm not too late to post this. I don't remember what time objectives were closed, I just remember that it was the 12th. If not I guess it'll just have to go as a normal picture.
Well all, I have arrived at Virginia for my internship. I had hoped to be able to at least keep up with happenings while I was gone but there is very bad service at the house I'm staying at (I'm in the middle of nowhere) and I can't even get on with my phone. Right now I'm in town so I am letting y'all know that I will be MIA for the next few weeks. If I can I will check in now and then when I'm in town but otherwise I sadly won't be very available for anything, rp, art, chatting. Nothing. So sorry everyone. I will be back in the end of August.

Until then, love ya!!!
CW | Carousals | Bachelors | Batch 2 by NaporieRizia
CW | Carousals | Bachelors | Batch 2
+6 tier

Look, I managed to get the second batch up already. I'm on a role people's! I might actually manage to get Bachelors done at a decent time. We'll just have to see. Wish me luck ya'll.

Oliver (c) Ribbon-Wren 
Eila (c) Jennycallie 
Sheilah (c) WildSpeedSpirit 
Clyde (c) TheMoon122 
Earlene (c) Elesette 
Moira (c) Elesette 
Joan (c) DawnsComing 
Don Juan (c) datoxicclock 
Isaac (c) pony-bones 
Melia (c) Cactus-sis 
Apollo (c) WhiteW0lfs 
Taavetti (c) Paper-Wings-Ranch 
CW | Carousals | Bachelors | Batch 1 by NaporieRizia
CW | Carousals | Bachelors | Batch 1
+8 tier

What's this? Oh just me being crazy. I've challenged myself to do one of these carousals for each CW horse alive. I'm starting with Bachelors because that's where most of my babies are and I'll always be loyal to the Bachelors. Besides Kyanos and Ghost (who I did a while ago) I'm literally just doing them in the order that they are in the group gallery, that way I don't have any picking to do. So don't worry, I'll get to ya'll.... not sure when, but I intend to do so. *fist pump* So yeah, you all can use these for whatever you want. They are my gift to you as a fellow lover of CW.

Kyanos (c) NaporieRizia 
Ghost (c) Ginger-Goddess 
Cain (c) pony-bones 
Jezebel (c) Ginger-Goddess 
Kefira (c) BrindleTail 
Ansgar (c) Katha88 
Ira (c) NaporieRizia 
Genesis (c) RusticLass 
Ryuko (c) MythicalPrancer 
Rose (c) KinaRain 
Akira (c) TyraDragoness 
Iscah (c) SongsTheDeadMenSing 
CW | Kyanos | Bachelor Herd | Stallion by NaporieRizia
CW | Kyanos | Bachelor Herd | Stallion
:new: Gave my boy a new reference image. Also added a few things to hes personality that have developed through my role plays and such with him. I also put in the most recent of his history which has been brought in through the past objectives and role plays.

Tier Tracker | RP Tracker | Gallery Folder

General Information

Name: Kyanos
Pronunciation: Key-ah-nose
Meaning: Blue
Also Called: NA

Gender: Stallion
Age: 19
Birthday: Summer 382
Herd: Bachelor Herd
Rank: Infantry

Special Ability: Stealth
Gift: Bat Ears

Breed: Tennessee Walker Cross
Height: 15.3 Hands High
Phenotype: Graying Black Sabino
Genotype: EE/aa/nSb/nGr

Sire: Ketecho
Dam: Doulos
Siblings: NA
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Foal(s): NA


This young stallion is in tip top shape with great conformation. He is lean and leggy, with strong limbs and sturdy feet. His neck is set high on his shoulders and he is known for holding his head up at it's maximum height in a show of pride. He has a straight profile to his face with large eyes and alert ears. His shoulders are sturdy and strong, very muscular as well as his hindquarters, making for good agility and a flashy carriage when moving. He is slim, never having been overweight his whole life, and very fit, able to carry his own wait easily. His body is made more for speed than strength and his smaller size gives him the ability to go on longer without tiring.

What was once coal black with a few white splashes about is now a lovely silver-blue color that almost resembles that of a blue roan. His legs are dark as is his face, though no longer black but more of a deep grey. His body is blanketed with a white covering that is brightest under his belly and neck. His withers and hindquarters are darker still, with light and dark dapples here and there. He has two white socks as well as several other splash marks. A bald face with white trickling up his chin leaves for a pink nose that tends to get burnt easily in the summer. Several scars litter his body including a few bites on his front legs, a long cut on the inside of his hind right leg, and several more on his shoulders and hindquarters. Of course, there is also the large X on his forehead, though often his forelock covers that.

His hair is a dark, deep grey, closer to black even then his legs, though no longer as dark as it once was. Slowly beginning to fade it is now stripes with lighter and darker shades. It is thin and silky, always feeling soft for horse hair. It shines in even the slightest of light. His tail is set low and not really made to be held high. The hair almost touches the ground and the ends are cut quite neatly. His mane is a good length, falling just below his neck. It is often kept on one side of his neck or the other, though he's not very consistent with the specific side he keeps it on. As long as it is all together he is happy. There is one small streak of white hair that grows by his withers. When he was young his mother braided that lock with the darker hair and he has kept it that way sense. He doesn't even cut the hair unless it gets too long, and so it often hangs below his barrel in length.

The eyes of an approaching storm had the sky eyes, his are a light blue with a cloudy look to them. Once a lovely, deep, almost royal blue color, his eyes have faded in color along with his coat, and with their color has gone his vision. Now only able to see shapes from a distance, and minor details when up really close, his lack of good sight has not held him back. He has learned to use his other senses to aid him in everything he does. He is not even held back in a fight but rather battles as well as the others.


:bulletgreen: Determined - "I will succeed if it's the last thing I do."
Being stubborn has its perks too. Sure he can be annoying when he refuses to do as he is told, but one thing is for sure, if he says he is going to do something, you can be sure it will be done, no doubt about it. He is a man of his words and always gives one hundred percent in any task he puts himself to. If he falls, he will get back up, if he makes a mistake, he will start all over, no matter how close to the finish. He has been known to get back up when it didn't look like he could go any farther. He would literally push himself to death to get something done that he has set his mind to.

:bulletgreen: Keen - "It's elementary."
It may not always be very easy to tell behind his pride and impatience, but he is actually quite intelligent. When he actually takes the time to think something through, he can often solve most puzzles set before him. He is very good at strategizing and even making calculations in a matter of seconds. He uses his mind to help him regain an upper hand in battle, as his poor sight and lesser strength can make it harder for him to fare well. When he thinks things through he can often figure out a way to get past these handicaps and does very well in battle.

:new: :bulletgreen: Loyal - "Weather I agree with them or not, they are still my herd."
While Kyanos may not agree with the Bachelor rule, he still has a great respect for the herd. After all, it is the place he was born and raised. Weather he likes their ways or not, it is in a way his home, his family even. As far as he sees it he wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for the herd. They protected him and taught him what they knew as well as trained him into the strong young colt that he is today. While he will forever hate the treatment of the mares, he will still fight with his life for his herd.

:bulletyellow: Quiet - "Actions speak louder than words."
Kyanos is not your friendly neighbor who will strike up a conversation about just about anything. In fact, he's probably as far from that as you can get. He doesn't really talk very much at all and has often shrugged someone off when they greeted him. He goes about with an air that sais "I've too busy a schedule to talk to you." In his mind, small talk is just a waste. All that he will communicate is simple commands and other things that are on a need-to-know in his list. This isn't to say he won't speak when spoken to if it is something more than a simple greeting, but you can be sure he will make the conversation as short as he can and be on his way. He isn't very social and this shows when he does attempt to communicate as he can struggle some at getting his thoughts across.

:bulletyellow: Untrusting/Careful - "Don't turn your back or you will be stabbed."
He has learned over time that he can't trust anyone at all, and so he refrains from getting close to anyone. You can be sure that no matter who he is around, he will not let his guard down. You could have known him all his life and he will still be watching you like a hawk, waiting for the moment you turn around to stab him in the back. Because of his gradually going blind, he is always on the alert and so it is almost impossible to catch him off guard. However, as his eyesight has faded, his caution around others has grown worse. He has at times almost seemed paranoid when around too many others at once, as if he is afraid he won't be able to keep an eye on them all and someone will jump up and attack him while he's watching someone else. It isn't uncommon for him to act unctuous around others, especially those he doesn't know anything about yet.

:bulletyellow: Disguised - "Can someone put on an act so well, they begin to fool themselves?"
Kyanos has been raised in the harsh reality that so many others of the Bachelor herd have been. He is not the first, and probably will not be the last to have their childhood destroyed and any good qualities squashed down to the ground. He knows what is expected of him and he does so simply for that very reason - because it is expected of him. Internally he hates everything about the herd and its rules and traditions. He would not participate if he didn't have to, but he knows he must. Ever since the death of his mother he has felt his heart break every time he sees a mare driven down until she breaks and shatters just like his own mother. He respects the mares who are strong enough to fight on even after all they have been through. He hates to be mean to them if he doesn't have to, but he can't let himself be seen being soft, it would show weakness, and weakness is not acceptable.

:new: :bulletred: Fearful - "Clinging to life as the light fades."
He is driven by a deep fear that controls his life - his fear of the dark. Not the normal nighttime dark that you can fix with a night light, no, Kyanos is afraid of the darkness that threatens to blind him for the rest of his life. The closer he gets to being completely blind, the more the fear controls his life. It is because of this fear that he works so hard to be one of the bachelor stallions, to be just as strong and hard as they are. If he is accepted, then perhaps he will not be thrown out when at last his sight is gone and he is nothing but another useless mouth to feed. He has put on this tough guy disguise so much now that he has, in some ways, come to convince him that he is just another bachelor stallion, that there is nothing special about him, that he doesn't hide a secret hatred for the herd and sympathy for the mares. Not only is he afraid of the darkness that clouds his vision, but he is also terrified of death. He has no rational reason for this. In some ways though it is probably best as this fear is what has kept him alive many times.

:bulletred: Proud - "Better than you."
He's not the best guy out there, and this he understands, but he also knows he's no piece of dirt and he certainly acts accordingly. Even around those higher in command then him, it isn't often he will show true submission, and if he does, you know it's been beat in to him. He is always standing tall and walking about as if he is someone important. His time is priceless to him and the last thing he wants to do is waste it to entertain anyone else. Speaking rudely to him won't get you very far unless you're looking for a fight. Often your best bet to get anything out of him is to make it his own idea, and even then it doesn't work.

:bulletred: Impatient - "I've no time to wait for you."
Patience is not his strong suit… in fact, it is probably the weakest part of him yet. His time is his time, and anything that uses up his time is an inconvenience. He absolutely hates waiting for anything or anyone. It isn't uncommon to see him pacing back and forth, mumbling to himself in irritation. Being late is like the worst sin ever in his mind. Often he will be extremely early for any kind of meeting or such and will be upset if the others are not early as well, even if they are on time.

:bulletred: Stubborn - "There's no way on earth I'm listening to you."
His pride can really get in the way sometimes… or, more times than not. He doesn't take orders well at all, especially not when they are barked at him. Following anyone's word but his own is something that he not only refuses to do, but finds hard to do as well due to his untrusting nature. He is very strong-headed though and if you get in an argument with him you can be sure he won't give in easily. Submitting is not something that comes easily to him, but rather he often has to be beat into submission, hence his scars, which are mostly products of battles for dominance, some of which he has actually won.


Newborn - "Innocence is weakness."
The black newborn let out a shrill winy as he watched his mother stand up before him. She was nervous but he couldn't figure out why. When a deep, blood bay stallion walked boldly and slowly toward the two the unaware colt quickly jumped to his hooves and pranced up to the stallion, running an excited circle around him before stopping in front to greet him. With a huff the stallion pushed past the pest, knocking him off his hooves. The colt grunted before springing back to his hooves and prancing to his mother's side, bright, royal blue eyes cheerful and innocent.
The grey mare gently nuzzled her son, eyes soft with worry before looking back up at the stallion. "Please, you can see that he's strong. Please don't do this." She was almost in tears as she begged him.
"Shut up Doulos!" The bay snapped, biting her neck hard and shoving her to the side. She quickly stumbled out of the way, accidentally knocking the colt off his hooves as she did. Not hesitating a moment the careless stallion cut an X in the black colt's forehead and then turned and left. Kyanos lay there, staring up at the stranger as he walked away. Tears flooded his eyes as blood dripped down his nose, but he made not a sound. He blinked and the fur around his blue eyes was wet with tears as his mother came up to him and gently nuzzled him. He hardly acknowledged her, but simply stared unmoving in the direction the bay had left, confused and hurt as to why he would do such a thing.

Foal - 2 Years - "Sometimes growing up is not a choice."
"What the…" The bay stallion gritted his teeth as he tripped and almost fell. Attempting to regain his footing he almost trampled on the black colt who had been knocked down and now lay under his feet. "Kyanos! *swears* get out of the way you fool!"
"Sorry father." The black colt quickly scooted to his hooves and skittered out of the way.
"What on earth are you doing?" His sire was now standing above him, ears pinned as he glared down his way.
"I was playing father. I-"
"This is no place to play around. Grow up already child!" With an enraged roar the stallion lashed out with a front hoof, striking the young foal hard in the pole. Kyanos fell into the dirt, unable to move from the shock as his own father turned and stormed off, muttering angry words to himself. Tears stung his bright blue eyes but he forced himself not to let them fall. He couldn't be a kid anymore, that he was sure of. It was time he learned to grow up. His childhood would be merely a dream, something that might have existed in a perfect world… but his world was far from perfect.

10 Years - "The gift of sight is not to be overlooked."
"I’m sure that's not right." Kyanos mumbled to himself as he stared off into the distance. He blinked, straining to see properly. "I can see so much farther. Or… I could." There was a hint of concern that struck him, but he shook it off, telling himself that he was just imagining something. The lighting had to be different, that was it.

"You're eyes? Why do you ask?" The grey mare lifted her dainty muzzle from the grass on which she grazed to look in confusion at her son.
"It's nothing really. Just a hunch." Kyanos assured her, not wanting to worry his mother if there was no cause.
"Alright." Doulos moved so that she could examine his eyes in the direct sunlight and when she did she gasped. "Kyanos, you're eyes, they're cloudy." She backed up to look at him with concern . "Can you see alright?"
"Not exactly." He replied, his hopes that he was overreacting fading, causing his tone to be dry, almost dead. "I can see… but not as well as before." He paused for a moment, blinking as he looked around, demanding his eyes to focus. With his ears back in irritation he looked back to her. "Mother, I fear I'm going blind."

Almost 11 Years - "Like a thief in the night, they will steal everything from under your nose."
"You don't look so well, mother." Kyanos observed as he settled down for the night. "Is everything alright?"
Doulos took a long, labored breath and smiled up at her son as she plopped down into the grass. "Just a little off tonight is all. I'm sure I'll be fine by morning." She assured him. Kyanos wasn't so sure he believed her. She didn't look well at all. In fact, she looked extremely ill. There wasn't really anything he could do if she was though other than comfort her and so he nodded his head. Quietly he walked to her side and lay by her for the first time since he was very young, as if to show that he was there for her. He went to sleep hesitantly, and when he woke the next morning, he realized his concerns had not been uncalled for. His mother was dead.
It was hard to tell why she had died. It had been so sudden that no one could figure out what had happened. The morning before she had seemed fine. Sure she was depressed and weak-hearted, but none blamed her for this. Only Kyanos knew the truth. She had not told him of her emotional suffering, but he could see it. She tried to be strong for him but she could go on no longer. His assumptions were proved true on the evening after her death when he realized a very poisonous plant nearby to their resting quarters had been trampled on, and some appeared to have been eaten. His own mother had killed herself in a final attempt to achieve freedom.

He stood by the shore where he had dropped her body, allowing her to float away into the ocean. "I hope you are free now mother." A single tear managed to find it's way down his face as he turned and lipped at the braided hair in his mane. "I'll not forget you."

11 - 16 Years - "You're wasting precious time."
Kyanos changed that day. Over the years there had indeed been a gradual change in his temperament toward everyone, especially the other stallions. But after his mother's death he truly hardened. He pulled himself inside, hiding everything about his true self. He never cried, and he never smiled. As his father would say, he "grew up." He trained and wrestled with the other colts to be stronger. He hung out with them and let them influence him in ways he shouldn't have. He became just another young colt in the bachelor herd and he even seemed to enjoy his life. He was finally growing into his own shoes and his sire was very proud of him. He became strong, hard-headed, and determined. He fit right in with the others and showed great potential.
Although before he had treated the brood mares and fillies with some kindness, after his mother's death this stopped and he either ignored them, or treated them just as property, as was expected of him. He gave them very little attention and when he did he was rude and pushy, always proving himself to be higher in order than they were. As he grew older he, like the other colts, looked forward to the day he would be able to prove himself as a true stallion on his coming of age. He was just another one of them now. The soft little colt had finally grown up.

17 Years - "I looked into her eyes... and saw my mother."
((story to come))

He changed once more that day... though not outwardly. To the others he was still the same bachelor young stallion he had been, just quieter. Most just figured his quietness was due to his becoming more mature now. He withdrew even more, he pulled away from his pals and no longer hung out with them. In fact, he didn't spend time with anyone. He hardly even spoke unless he had to. The transition was sudden but after a while no one payed any attention to the change in the young stallion. He still acted his part as a bachelor and did his duties, so no one expected anything.
What they couldn't see though was that he had died inside that day. Seeing the look in that young mare's face, seeing his mother in her eyes destroyed everything left of him. He couldn't stand to look at the mares, let alone ever think of laying a hoof on them. He hated to see them being hurt by the others, and he especially hated to watch when one broke down. He couldn't let the others know that he was soft though, they would ban him from the herd he was sure, and his sight was getting worse and worse. He feared living alone in the dark. In desperation he put up on a mask for the world, hiding behind his act that was so well painted on that he even began to fool himself.

:new: 18 Years - ""
Giving up on trying to see anything Kyanos lifted his head, the rain bombarded his tired eyes but he refused to shield them from it’s attacks. “Why have you betrayed me?” His cracked voice whispered softly, the sound drowned out by the rain. “I’m going to die tonight, aren’t I, mother?” Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes, letting it out slowly. “I’m ready.” His words were slightly louder, strong and sure, not wavering at all. He would fight with everything he had for the sake of his herd, but he was ready to die if that was his fate.

Kyanos was only 18 years old when the war between the Bachelors and Olde broke out. As much as he disagreed with the herd's ways and distrusted the new leader Cain, he fought hard for the Bachelors, risking everything he had to help them win the war... only for them to come to a tie. This loss was seen as a waist of time and effort to Kyanos but he didn't let it get him down. The moment he had healed from his war wounds (or probably a bit sooner at that) he went back to training hard, knowing he would need to be ready for whatever would come next. With his gift discovered soon before the war he was gaining confidence in himself and his own abilities.


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