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They call me Nap.
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


Ok, so you probably know (or at least have noticed) that my tablet is currently not working. The biggest problem is the fact that it is not compatible with the new Windows 10 which I recently updated to. The other problem is that it doesn't work with the newest Gimp 8. I have been wanting to use Gimp 8 because I have learned through some research and exploring that it is getting closer and closer to being Photoshop level, but is still free (which is good for a poor college student). So I need a tablet that does work with it. Mine was a cheap monoprice, the cheapest I could find. I plan on asking for a tablet for Christmas this year, so I will be able to get one a little less inexpensive, though I still hate to go over $200... heck $150 seems a lot to me but mom assured me it's not. Anyways, I need ya'lls help, here's what you can do for me:

Comment here telling me what tablet you have
Optional: Give a quick review with pros and cons of this tablet
Tell me what computer software you use (windows 7, 8, 10, vista, Mac, ect)
Tell me what drawing program you use
And lastly, it would really mean a lot to me (if you do not already use Gimp) if you could install it (it's free) and try it out with your tablet to see if it works

This will really help me decide what to do. If I have to I will go back to Windows 7, but I like 10 a lot so would like to stay there. For sure though I need one that is compatible with the newest Gimp update.

Thanks so much friends! The sooner I can get this information the better. Mom is bugging me to tell her what I want for Christmas.
Awry | Kassandra | Lost by NaporieRizia
Awry | Kassandra | Lost

"Love me?" *chuckles* "Darling, you don't even know me."

Map Tracker | RP Tracker | Gallery Folder

General Information

Name: Kassandra
Pronunciation: Ka son druh
Meaning: One meaning being "entangler of man"
Also Called: Kass, Kassy, "Anything you wanna call me sweaty."

Gender: Mare
Age: 28
Rank: Lost
Home/Birth Empire: HarpWhite Beach

Breed: Equum Nocte (personal breed)
Height: 15.1hh

Sire: Unknown
Dam: Amora
Siblings: Kokkino + several other half siblings

Orientation: Panasexual
Status: Everywhere
Offspring: Not yet


Kass is a small, leggy, dainty thing. With her long legs, long back, long neck, and oh-so-long tail, she is the perfect picture of grace and beauty. She has the narrow slim build of an Akhal-Teke with the dainty dished face and arched neck of an Arabian and the curled ears of a Marwari. Her fancy, high-stepping gait is exaggerated by her long curly feathers that wisp from her thin legs. She really is the picture of beauty.

Growing from the center of her pretty dished head is a long curved horn of solid material. It arches backwards gradually as it rises, almost giving the shape of a half moon. Luckily for everyone else it's backwards angle makes it hard for her to use as a weapon, though if needed she can swing her head around quick and lay a good smack, enough to leave a bruise.

Her long, thin, lion-like tail is a tool used both for balance as well as for tickling just the right spots to get a most pleasant reaction from someone. Curly thick hair grows from the very base as well as from the tip. It is very flexible and surprisingly strong for such a thin thing.

At Night
At night when the moon comes out, Kass, like all others of her breed, goes through a transformation. Her coat becomes completely black but for a few bright glowing markings that decorate the dark hair. The new glowing markings do not pertain to her day markings at all, making her unrecognizable as herself at night. Her eyes also narrow until her pupils are nothing but slits, like those of a snake, her eyes glowing in the dark.

Special Skills/Features

Sharp Teeth
Despite her pretty, dainty, delicate looks, Kass is actually a carnivore along with the others of her breed. Don't worry, they usually only eat small animals like rabbits and squires. They have sharp canine-like teeth though, and they know how to use them. Kass likes to act like she won't bite... but she will, and it will hurt if she gets you.

Water Element
A daughter of the moon like all others of her breed, Kass has power over the water. She has little interest in this power and so she doesn't practice with it often. Because of this her abilities are not all that advanced. She can change the current of water, change the temperature to some degree, and sometimes control small amounts of water, making them float in the air and take any shape she wants.

Night Form
As I already mentioned, when night comes and the moon comes out, Kass goes into a night form brought on by the moon's effects on her hormones and bodily chemicals. Not only does it make her change color and turn her eyes into narrow cat-eyes though, but it also changes her mood. Depending on the stage of the moon (the fuller, the stronger its effects) she becomes a lot more sadistic and begins to desire blood and physical pain rather than the usual mental and emotional turmoil she loves inflicting on those around her. Beware because at night she will not hold back from hurting you. Thankfully she has not yet killed anyone, but that's not to say she won't some day. Also, she does not need as much sleep thanks to the effects of the moon. The fuller the moon, the less sleep she needs. When the moon is completely full she doesn't have to sleep at all that night. When it is it's smallest she might need a few hours of sleep but not nearly as much as others.


A sweet, carefree little mare who knows how to make your heart skip a beat.

:bulletgreen: Pleasant - "I hope you have a delightful day dear."
In everything she does Kass has a sweet, pleasant way of going about. She seems calm and in control at all times, always with a smile and speaking with a soft voice and just enough energy to build you up. She doesn't get angered easily but instead takes everything in stride. She is very mannered and polite in her way of speaking, especially when is considered her wording. when it comes to first impressions she often passes for a sweet, friendly little mare who wouldn't hurt a fly...

:bulletgreen: Eloquent - "Words can be a formidable instrument."
Kass has a very wide vocabulary, most of the words being what you could call "fancy." Now she doesn't go around talking like a stuck up Englishman, but she does find pleasure in decorating her sentences with a few lesser-used words here and there. she thinks that it makes her seem different and stand out from the others. It does indeed make her seem at first glance to be a very proper lady, but don't let this fool you, she is far from this. she uses these sharp-dressed words to candy coat her insults so that they sting less, mixing them into her conversation so that you hardly notice she's just insulted you. "It is the difference between being cut by a dull blade and one that has been sharpened. One that is dull hurts more right away, though may not have as much lasting damage. One that is sharp hardly hurts at first even when it cuts deep, leaving a scar that will forever remind you of your dance with the blade." Of course, she always apologizes if you seem hurt by her words, insisting she had not meant to do so... after she's fed on your pain.

:bulletgreen: Mannered - "But of course, I would be honored."
Having been raised by her proper aunt most of her life, Kass has learned perfect manners and etiquette. She is very polite, always saying please and thank you, and then some. Her manners added with her decorated vocabulary can give her a bit of an "old lady" sort of appearance, though she is far more fun than you'd expect a proper old lady to be. In some ways these manners are just a habit that has been drilled quite deeply into her being. She doesn't mind much though.

:bulletgreen: Carefree - "I fail to see how that is of any of my concern."
Kass has not a care in the world. She is just happy as is and it really is impossible to upset her. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet can put her down, and neither can the judgement of those around her. She could lose her footing and make a complete fool of herself in front of the whole herd and end up laughing with the rest of them. As long as she's alive and in good health she is perfectly happy. That's where the catch is, she needs to be ok. As long as she herself is ok physically all is good. If something threatens her physical health it could easily throw a rock into the gears of the self-centered mare.

:bulletgreen: Flirty - "You're so cute I could eat you right up."
Kass may be a sweetheart but she is far from innocent. She loves to play with the boys and girls of the herd and will flirt with just about anyone. She will tease and tempt anyone she meets, no matter who they are or what their personal interest. Even someone who is clearly taken can be a target - "all in good fun" she will say. she is of course very careful not to push too far to upset someone, but she will continue to push buttons until she has reached the last point, waiting for them to just give in and join her game. She goes about with the attitude that everyone needs to lighten up and live a little and that she is just helping them through her flirtatious pursuit. While she will flirt and tease everyone, this sin't to say she will go all the way with every soul that she meets... though that's always in the back of her mind. Still, she likes to watch them melt under her touch and enjoys whispering in their ear until their whole body is shaking. She knows the body and prides herself in being able to draw a pleasant reaction from even the coldest of horses.

A manipulative, controlling sadist who couldn't care less about anyone else.

:bulletred: Deceptive - "Don't act so surprised. You can't honestly say you believed me?"
Watch out! While on the outside Kass comes across as a sweet but very flirty mare, she has a dark side - one that grows increasingly darker. Her game is to wrap you around her sweet girl act until you think you know and can trust her. Then she gets you alone and the real Kass comes out. Cruel and unmerciful she will attack you with her words until there is nothing left of you. She chisels away at whatever sanity you have, finding your weak spots and assaulting them with an arsenal of carefully thought out and sharpened words meant to cut you down until there is nothing left but an emotional train-wreck. 

:bulletred: Insensitive - "Darling, I couldn't care less."
Even though she tends to make out otherwise, Kass hasn't a care in the world for anyone else. She doesn't care if their feelings are hurt or even if they are physically in pain. She can be ignorant to the feelings of those around her because she simply doesn't care anyways. In fact, she thrives on the emotional suffering of those around her, especially when she was the one to cause it.

:bulletred: Callous - "Emotions are for the weak, they allow you to be controlled."
Not only does she neglect to notice the emotions of those around her, but she herself is empty of emotions. Her typical gentle, sweet, flirty personality is all you will see of her. She doesn't show sorrow, hatred, depression... nothing. It can be said she doesn't even know real joy. 

:bulletred: Manipulative - "The mind is easy to control when you know it so well."
If she can't get her way, she will squirm around until she can get what she wants. She doesn't truly expect anyone to give her what she desires without some help, and so she is more than willing to play the cards and take control. She knows how to play with emotions and will toy with you until she can squeeze what she wants out of you. For those who don't fall for her simple manipulation she has several aces hidden under her sleeve to insure she gets what she desires. She runs the show and makes the decisions and she will manipulate you to do exactly what it was she wanted without you even knowing she was the one in control.

:bulletred: Controlling Sadist- "You poor little thing. You didn't actually think anyne could love you, right?"
The most fulfilling thing for Kass is to see someone hurt by her own words. She yearns to feel the satisfaction and control she receives when she tears someone apart from the inside out. She is driven by the feeling of having complete control over someone and even more in being able to break someone's heart knowing she was the one to cause it. Her favorite game is to lead someone on as if she is their lover until one day she turns around and spits in their face. She will take time to get to know someone just to learn their weak spots and then hits them right where it hurts the most, watching them crumble into a million different pieces, all because of her.
Note: She has only progressed to causing actual physical harm at night, when her hormones are wild and her emotions less controllable. When she is her full self she has not harmed anyone yet and has yet to go as far as to kill anyone. The day that this happens is drawing nigh though.


Birth - "I was denied love from the very beginning."
Kass was the fifth born from her mother, and there would be many more born after her. The mare was flirtatious and careless, resulting in several accidental foals. She didn't want foals though, and her rough treatment toward them and further neglect of the foals made this very obvious. She gave them the absolute minimum attention that she needed to, and the rest of the time they were thrown under the care of their aunt. Kass' first sibling was 3, the one before that 5, another 8, and the oldest 12. Needless to say their poor aunt had little time to give either much individual attention, not that she had any care to anyways. She cared for them and taught them, but that was it. She never showed them love nor kindness.

"Strict rules and excessive limitations were all I knew..."
Kass' aunt didn't really want the foals, and as a result she gave them little attention herself. Instead of simply ignoring them like her mother though, she found other ways to get them out of her hair, namely giving them lots of tedious chores to do and restricting them with over-the-top rules. On top of that, Kass was drilled with manners as her aunt found it foolish that a foal should grow up not knowing how to properly respect their elders. When not doing the silly chores she was given Kass played with her siblings some, though the one closest her age had all but been adopted by another mare and so was with her when she wasn't being ranted at by her aunt. At least she was able to play with the other foals of the herd when she was given permission to do so, and so she did have friends and still knew how to have fun, though she lacked exposure to what it was like to be loved.

"well that and..."
There were of course times when Kass and her siblings were under the watch of her mother. She didn't have any patience nor tolerance for them though, and hardly cared that they were there. They were ignored most of the time, and sometimes even forgotten completely. She had no respect for their innocence either, and didn't care if young eyes were watching her and her lovers. Kass and her siblings were left to watch as their mother pleasured herself with  stranger after stranger and while some would try to avert their attention or even sneak off, Kass was too curios to turn away. It was this simple, innocent curiosity that would later change the filly.

12 Years - "They say curiosity killed the cat. It gave me life."
Kass' curiosity continued to grow as she did. With each passing year it became stronger and stronger. She had seen the dance that her mother did many times, now she wanted to know what it was like herself. It started innocent enough, as a young filly curios to the ways of the adults. She would find willing volunteers and prance off with them into the forest to show them what she had learned through observing her mother and her partners. What was first just a kiss or two very quickly grew into nuzzling, cuddling, and all other manners of foreplay. After a while her caution began fading away. Being 12 years old her mother and aunt hardly gave her a second glance any more, especially since they had another young foal to take care of. Without her aunt's watchful eye and constant scorning, she was free to flirt and play around with the other horses her age. She wasn't rude or too pushy with her flirting, though she could be very forward at times. She was polite enough to back off... if someone made it Very clear that they didn't want anything to do with her antics. She soon gained her reputation as the fun, flirty little mare who all the colts talked about.

15 Years 
"Ah yes, him. He provided many firsts."
As Kass grew into a teen she matured far past her years. The constant lectures to grow up from her aunt along with the exposure from her mother had finally done their job and made her into a young mare early on. She was the kind of filly that every colt wanted to get to know, especially those older than her. Somehow though, despite her popularity, ???? had been the lucky one to be able to call her his girlfriend. Before anyone knew it they were that young couple that you hardly ever saw separated.

"That night I discovered what true bliss was."
The relationship between Kass and ???? was innocent enough. One night though, with the full moon messing with their hormones and destroying their common sense, they went farther than their usual cuddling and flirting. That night opened Kass' mind to whole new possibility in life, to the excitement and pleasure that was available to her. For a young filly who had never known what it felt like to be loved, this was as close as she felt she would ever get and it was an experience she came to love. The two slipped away almost every night after that. After all, with a mare as convincing as Kass, it was nearly impossible to say no.

"He was my first puppet, and I loved it!"
It was during this stage in Kass' life that she realized the control she could have over her partner if she played her cards right. She grew to love the feeling she got when she could control his actions and began experimenting with ????, playing with him to figure out what kind of reactions she could trigger in the colt. It began as a simple game to her, but her love of this game - and of winning the game - planted the seed for it to grow into much more.

16 Years
"My capacity to love was lacking..."
As the year passed, Kass felt empty. There was something she was missing in her relationship with ????. There was little excitement any more. Their relationship was becoming a cage more than anything else. Kass was missing a very important ingredient: love. Never having been loved by anyone growing up, she didn't even know the meaning of the word. To her, love was just a heated night with a partner of your choice. She couldn't understand what it was like to truly love someone, to want to be with them forever, to be willing to give anything for that other person. This piece was lacking, and because of that her feelings for ???? were empty. It was a physical relationship and nothing more. She gradually grew frustrated with her inability to fill her emptiness and took this frustration out on ????.

"I couldn't return his love."
One day ???? confessed his love for her. Instead of being over-joyed by this fact, Kass was enraged. It didn't seem fair that he could feel something toward her so strong when she was unable to feel anything but a physical attraction to him. All of her bottled up frustrations came out and hurtful words were shed. ????'s feelings were hurt. It hadn't been on purpose, she had lost control of her own emotions, but Kass discovered that she didn't feel badly for having hurt him. In fact, she loved it. It felt good to get out her frustrations. Not only that, but seeing the pain in his eyes actually invigorated her. It made her feel more powerful. Suddenly the idea of being in control had moved to a whole other level. Not only could she elicit reactions, but she could control emotions too!

"I grew to thirst for his pain."
This was a new discovery to her, but gradually she began to experiment with her new findings. She'd sneak in cruel words when speaking with ???? just to see his expression. She'd insult him conversationally, raveling in his cringes each time. She loved to watch him slowly breaking down on the inside with each insult she so carefully fed him. Kass tore him down and bit by bit he crumbled before her eyes - and she loved every single moment of it. At last it was time to lay the final blow. With no mercy or care at all she broke up with him, using her sharp tongue to tear at the last strings holding the poor thing together. She finished him emotionally.

Following Years
"I thrived on pain, I needed more. With ???? gone, I went to the rest of the herd."
Instead of feeling badly and regretting what she had done, Kass loved the results because they assured her of her power. This very power excited her and she couldn't wait to try it on others. She yearned to see what else she could do, to see who else she could control and even more so, who else she could hurt. She found that causing others pain filled that empty hole in her heart. When she hurt someone she never felt more complete. She wanted to tear others down just as she had ????. She wanted to watch them crumble under her death grip - bleed form her sharp words. She went on to toy with the others in the herd. It was rare that anyone could have a conversation with her without her verbally abusing them in some way or another.

"It took me some time, but I found the perfect way to draw in my prey."
It didn't take her long to find a problem with this method though: horses no longer wanted to be around her. They avoided her, not wanting to be torn down and picked away. She realized that she needed to find another method, and thus she did. She took on the facade of a sweet, friendly mare who just wanted to flirt a little. She made friends and was kind, always smiling and bright. She brought others in. She even apologized to those whom she had hurt, telling them she had been upset because of her break up with ????. Soon everyone forgot about her short phase of abusiveness and she was able to continue her abuse, though more secretly this time. She weeded her insults craftily within her eloquent words that they were like a silent killer - unnoticed until they had already hit their mark.

"I created my own game, and they were my pawns."
Kass no longer sought out long term relationships, finding that they were not for her. They tied her down too much and restricted her freedom. Instead she bounced from one partner to another, using them and then tearing them down. She developed her game of getting to know someone just long enough that she could learn their deepest secrets, so she could discover where they were weakest and then hit them where it hurt the most. Her need for control and pain only continued to grow and she became deceptive and manipulative. She controlled others subtly, without them even knowing they were being used as a puppet. The world became her play field and she played her game despite how it affected those around her.

Present - "Life couldn't be better."
Things are perfect for Kass. She has the members of the herd wrapped around her tail, oblivious to her crafty ways. She has learned how the minds of horses work so well that all she has to do is bat an eye and she gets what she wants. Almost every night she has one on one attention where she is the center of someone's world... until she burns the bridge from under their hooves of course. She is perfectly content in life and couldn't ask for more.
Awry | Kina | Welcome Meme by NaporieRizia
Awry | Kina | Welcome Meme
Reference | RP Tracker | Gallery Folder

"How did you come to Awry?"
I... well I don't particularly know. One morning I just woke up on the shore. I suppose he is to blame... as for everything.

"Which Kingdom have you chosen to live in?"
I haven't really been here all that long. Right now I'm in the Storm Lands. It's so.... wet... and muddy... I don't know if I'll stay very long.

"Show us your first meeting with the Demi-God of your kingdom" 
Demi-God? Um.... I haven't seen anyone yet...

"Other than your own, what other Kingdom would you like to visit?"
I'm not sure yet. This seems like such a huge place. I guess I'll just... explore.

Well here we go. I have finally finished all that is necessary to bring Kina officially into Awry. Seeing as she's immortal and all I just figured I'd throw her in here to fill in a few of the years of her life and have fun while I'm at it. :) As you can probably tell... my tablet is still not working... but I didn't want to wait forever, so I drew the pictures traditionally, which is why they are so bad quality looking here. Some day I plan to draw them digitally and color them and such when I do get a tablet that doesn't hate me. Until then, have this. Sorry if they aren't very clear pictures.
And I sorta cheated on the last one, but sorta didn't. I mean I did try to include several different places so it didn't look like I lazed out. There's the Wind Song Lake, Shadow Chase Woods, and Fade Mountains.... waaaay in the background. It works right? :D


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