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Insanity by NaporieRizia
I've actually had this idea in my head for a Very long time. I had made the original sketch for it before I even did the falling picture of Ally, but I never liked it and so never went on with it. During my art block I saw the WIP and thought that I would give it a re-try. I'm glad I did. I actually managed to finish another picture! Lately it seems like I have to drag myself kicking and screaming just to draw anything. Though I have also been liking the ones I do finish... so there's some good in that at least.
So yeah, it's really simple, but it really fits Psycho too. He has been wanting attention for a while now... just not this kind. haha, poor boy.

Song: iNSaNiTY
(and here's my own little translation I made by putting together different translations, just so that it fits quite literally to a T with Psycho. Insanity - My own translation)
So, I have gotten a few notes or comments asking what's up or where I am, or such things as to role plays so I thought I would write this journal instead of replying to each individually.
I am right now in my Junior year of College. I'm an Equestrian major which means that I am doing lots of work at the barn. I have also taken up a minor in Psychology and those classes are quite involving and demanding as well, even for someone like myself who enjoys that kind of stuff. Next to that I have also been trying to get out of my box and be a little more social where my schedule allows. Between going to classes, riding at the barn, working as a chore crew (barn cleaner person) sub, homework, and a few social activities, I have been very, very busy. I think from this day on every single weekend is packed with things as well, so that means I don't even have a chance to do stuff on the weekend. Fridays I sometimes have more time to do personal things, but by then I am so run down from the week's work that coming onto DA and seeing all of my stacked up messages is very discouraging to the point I literally just close out.
Some may have noticed I've thrown in a little bit of art when I could squeze it through my art block (which I think is resulting mainly from stress), but please don't feel just because I'm submitting art that I am able to come and reply to all of my messages and notes. Drawing is a way to wind down, and while I love to role play and see all of the lovely comments here on DA, it is not quite so relaxing when it gets as backed up as it is now. Please don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you see me submit art and yet I don't respond to messages or notes from you. I'm just... hiding you could say.
I'm sorry to everyone who is waiting on me for something, be it art, role play reply, comments, replies to comments, or anything else. I am trying to convince myself to get out and start slowly clipping away at my flood of messages, but please know that it will take time and that if I do respond, it doesn't mean specifically that I am back. For those who are in my list with my themes, I will get your parts done, that is a promise, I just can't promise that it will be any time soon. I would hope in the next year though :P Look at the bright side, the longer you have to wait, the more experience I will have, which hopefully will mean the better the image will look. :D
If nothing else, I am on October break next week and hopefully I'll be able to get a little more done there and catch up. My hopes are to catch up over the break and then be able to do a little at a time every day to stay caught up, but there is always that chance school will get in the way and distract me like it already has, causing things to stack up, so I'm not making any promises. I will certainly make an effort to though.
So yes, long explanation over. Shortened up, it just means I'm really busy with school, which sadly happens to be first priority before DA and other things. I figured I'd fill you all in though so you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... not yet anyways.

Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience. I miss ya'll.
Themes | 11 | Greed by NaporieRizia
Themes | 11 | Greed
Sign on the line.
Make a deal with the devil.
Make a deal with the devil in blood.

It's not my fault.
I'm not to blame.
It is the gypsy girl,
The witch who set this flame.

Dark fire!
Now gypsy it's your turn.
Choose me or your pire.
Be mine or you will burn!

Soul 4 Sale by Simon Curtis
Hellfire from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Yeah.... another one. Hey that's a good thing though right? I actually have had most of this picture done for a while now. I did the sketch for the stallion just before school even started (literally the night before I moved) and then finished lines and other things... the weekend after I think. I just did the bg today because I was stuck in a slight art block and beaches always seem to help me with that.
Sooooooo.... you may or may not remember these two. They only kind of appeared in a sketch dump I did a while ago. The stallion's name is Atol, which means "hate". His name used to be Jim, but after he became a demon it was changed to fit him better. How did he become a demon you ask? Weeeeeellll, the pretty little mare there, who's name is quite fittingly (and lazily I might add) Gypsy, happened to have led him to his own death. She was in trouble with the devil and in order to get out of it she had to bring him a soul. Using some distant talent from her mixed Siren blood she was able to capture the heart of poor Jim who was just a fun guy who cared too much. It wasn't long before he was madly in love and, when told that she was going to be killed by the devil, he offered to trade his own soul instead, and that is just what he did. He cut out his own heart to symbolize his love for her and then signed his name with his own blood, selling his own soul to the devil. Gypsy was then free and Jim soon realized that it had all been a game, that she had tricked him so that she could live. He had been fooled, and it had cost him his life.
Now a demon Jim's love had become hate and hence he was given his new name, Atol. He was so angered by the mare that he hunted her down, planning to punish and then kill her for what she had done to him. To his despair though, he found that there was still a part of him that wanted her. It was no longer love, it couldn't be as he had no heart, but he wanted her as his own. After a bright display of his new power he gave her the choice, die and go to hell where she deserved, or become a demon, not as powerful as himself, and be his fore the rest of eternity. Gypsy, being the self-centered mare she had always been, and not having learned from her first choice, decided on the latter. And that, my friends, is the summary of their story, which some day I plan to share in better detail, but yes.
She hates him, if you can't already tell, and he drags her around behind him with pride. Sometimes she manages to sneak away from him and go her own way. She plays this constant game of flirting with other stallions to make Atol jealous. When he finds her he often kills the poor stallion and takes his rightful prize. He won't allow her to be seen near another stallion, and he'll snap at anyone who looks at her... yet he still plays with other mares, which angers her even more.
They have an interesting "relationship" if it can even be called that. You'll learn more in their reference pictures. I've said too much as it is.
So yes, 11 themes done. yay me!
Ema by NaporieRizia
A child is like a piece of wet clay; shape it carefully; you can't change it once it's dry.

Available for RP: :bulletyellow: (I will be picky because I have most of her story planned out. There will be no potential mates, though we can do short rp's to help me develop her story and fill in any spaces I may have empty.)

Name: Ema
Nick Name: None
Breed: Werequinex (Arabian Build)
Gender: Mare
Age: 13
Birthday: April 5
Height: 15hh
Phenotype: Black Blanket Appaloosa
Genotype: Ee/aa/????
Sire: Roman
Dam: Deceased
Sibling(s): Pierce (dead; ghost)
Mate: None
Foal(s): Coming Soon
Personality: She's hard to read and few get to see the real her as she is quite the actor. That's ok though, you don't want to see who she really is. Sometimes she plays the innocent, shy mare; sometimes she plays the demanding flirt; sometimes she plays the damsel in distress; no matter what she's pretending to be, it's rarely who she really is. Often, when you finally see the true Ema, you are pretty much done for.
She's sadistic, cold-hearted, careless, and plain old evil. She's got patience at times, and other times she snaps at anything. She truly has no care for anyone or anything but herself. She's proud and stuck up. She knows she's pretty and she won't hesitate to tell you if you don't seem to realize. She's also strong and a great fighter, and she takes pride in this. She's got agility and grace that helps her in dodging and throwing attacks that can catch anyone off guard. She's got an evil little mind. She loves to torture, the more they scream the happier she is. She doesn't care if it's mare, stallion, or even foal, she'll torture anyone, though her favorite is stallions. She likes to tease them, make them think they're getting lucky before she turns and attacks. She keeps prisoners for weeks, even months just to see what kind of changes will occur form being in a cell for so long. She has quite the gory way of thinking and enjoys looking for fun and new ways to torture her victims.
She's not a good girl! She will never be. She has been corrupted and really has pretty much no heart. For those who think they can change her, think again, it's not happening.
She will bow to absolutely no one. She is top dog in her mind and she will not let herself loose. She never gives up, and I mean never gives up. She's been known to fight until she is physically unable to move anymore. Even then she tells herself that she didn't give up, she simply lost, and she'd rather lose than give up. The only one she will ever listen to is Psycho. She is his pet for the most part and does his every bidding, no matter what it may be, without asking a question. He has "programed" her to have no fear at all other than him. She also has a high pain tolerance thanks to Psycho conditioning her to bear pain.
History: When she and her only surviving brother were still very young, about 5 months of age, her small little family had a very… special visitor. Her pack consisted of her, her brother Pierce, her father Roman, her mother Emily, her aunt, and her grandmother. They were perfectly happy, but they were polite to the strange-looking white stallion. It didn't take long for Psycho to turn as he began to literally eat Pierce alive. When Roman begged he let him be, Psycho refused, though he did manage to convince the stallion to take his son out of his misery himself.
After that Psycho killed Roman's mother just to show his power. While holding Roman from moving he raped Ema's mother, insisting that Ema's aunt, who had tried to hide the filly's face, make her watch so she could see what life really was. When he was done and had killed her mother, he then went to Roman's sister and cut her open as if doing surgery in order to show the terrified filly her aunt's unborn foal.
The killings didn't seem like they would ever end and Ema had no idea if she was next or her father. She knew death was coming soon though, there were only two more of them left. Her whole body was shaking, her eyes were wide, her heart was fluttering away in her stomach, but when Psycho turned and walked toward her, knife and mouth covered in blood, she never cowered or even took one step back. Impressed that, even while scared for her life the filly didn't try to run Psycho decided to keep her.
He kept her and her father alive, raising the filly as his little pet, teaching her to obey only him, conditioning her fear and pain sensitivity out of her almost completely until it was only he who could trigger these. He used the presence of her father to test her loyalty to him, several times ordering her to harm him, torture him, or whatever else. She always did so, she always did everything he asked. Even when he didn't ask to, in the end she found fun in tormenting her poor father, literally not caring about him at all.
Her and Psycho have developed a sort of love-hate, master-pet/slave relationship. Sometimes they get along creepily well, even being… erm, affectionate. But there are of course times when they want nothing to do with each other.
Element: Water/Ice
1) Accuracy - When throwing something or attempting to hit something of any kind, she will always hit dead on where she wants as long as it is physically possible.
2) Pause - so this one is pretty cool. All she has to do is look at someone OR say a single command, and the person will be "paused" right where they are. No matter what they are doing, they are stuck, their body paused, making them look like a rigid toy. Their position can be changed, but they won't be able to move their legs at all or head or anything like that, almost as if they are some kind of decoration. Small movements are able to get through, including breathing, heartbeat, eyes, and mouth to an extent (though their words will sound muddled).
3) Scarless - (creative name right?) So with this power she won't get scars. Even if you cut several inches deep or burn the skin off, she'll always heal completely without a scar. Now you may be wondering how she has that scar around her eye then, well that's a very good question my friend. The way this was made possible was by using a poison on the blade which counteracted her power, leaving that one scar which will never go away, even with other special potions or medicines.

Ara (world) © BlackMare234
Werequinex (breed) © BlackMare234


They call me Nap.
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


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