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They call me Nap.
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


Don't know exactly what happened. One day my tablet was working, the next it was not. Pressure sensitivity was gone. I followed the steps I had used before to fix it, but they didn't work. I even tried uninstalling the driver and installing a new one that I found on Logitech's website. Still didn't work. I tried soooo many things. now it doesn't work at all. I can click with it... but can't move the mouse, oddly enough. My mom is bringing the driver disk that came with it next week when she comes by, but until then I won't have a tablet, and heck, I don't even know if that's going to work. If it doesn't I'll probably have to wait until the end of the semester and see if my brother can fix it for me.
Until then... yeah no art, sadly. I had a new species I wanted to share too! *sobs* Maybe I'll submit the one picture I'd gotten done of them... who knows. I might get bored and sketch traditionally, but that takes inspiration or else I get discouraged. Maybe I'll work on some stories, reply to role plays... do things. I dun know. Well, that's all, just wanted to update ya'll. Nap out.
Well look who came out of the shadows to re-join DA. It's zee lovely Cactus-sis. Aaaand to add to that she has the nerve to tag me in one of these things. Just kidding, love ya. These ones are fun. :) Not to mention I'm suppper tired right now (just finished a two and a half hour hike over hills and ditches and through brush, following the river... because I could) and bored, but not in the mood to do school. I've caught up on some of my rp's today and plan to do more but I needed a short break. So I'ma do this. Warning, I may have gone overboard with the answers so bear with me.
So, let's get started, shall we?

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves. (eh, I'm leaving this optional)
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you. (why is this even a thing with the new tag system?)
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!

Interesting Facts
1. I lost my student ID card in the creek this spring because I couldn't wait for warm weather. Dropped it in the muddy water and when I tried to reach in to find it my hands and arms literally spasmed because it was so shockingly cold. After half an hour trying to use a stick to feel around for it I gave up when I could no longer feel my feet. Yes, I was walking through the water. I had tall much boots on but the water was up to my knees there. I didn't realize it was so cold until I tried to climb out and couldn't feel my lower legs. So yeah, long story short, I had to pay $5 to get a new one. The people at the desk enjoyed the story though.

2. I have had my horse since he was four years old. He's ten years old now. I'll let you do the math :P He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I trained him from being green broke and although he can't do any fancy sports he is extremely sweet and trustworthy. He taught my cousin to ride when she was 9 years old and now she can walk trot canter all her own. I intend to teach my newest cousin to ride on him once she's old enough.

3. I like to eat pepperoni dipped in hot sauce. Just the good old buffalo wing hot sauce you can get in a bottle. I often complain that my tongue burns afterwards but I still do it anyways. I wonder if it counts as an addiction if you continue even when it hurts :eyes:

4. My favorite color is GREEN! It is absolutely the best color I have ever seen. I love any kind and shade of green, but bright colors are the best. Until a few years ago though it was blue. For a while when I first started liking green I was hesitant to change because I didn't want to be unfaithful to blue. Blue is still my second favorite color and my favorite color combination is definitely neon green and navy blue. Minty green is awesome too, and that's kind of a mix, so I have decided that I haven't betrayed blue.

5. I don't like chocolate. Yes, I know, it's a sin, but I don't. Now I don't hate it and will eat it, but I don't care for the sweet milk stuff. If I'm going to eat chocolate I'm going to eat dark chocolate. Actually I'm not a big candy eater at all. My halloween candy I got as a kid would usually last through the whole year, and that's if my brother didn't steal it from me. One thing I will go crazy over is jelly beans, just make sure they aren't cherry flavored.

6. Even though Amy (Aimorra Karida) is my Equisona, I feel far more emotionally connected to Ally (Allagi). Most likely that is because she is technically the oldest character I have had. I made her when I was 9 and going through some rough bumps in the road. My way of coping was to imagine her in a worse situation than myself. She has suffered because of this but she got me by. Her name used to actually be Annera, which was my way of putting the word animal into a name, as she was a shape-shifter. When I gave her an official design to share her here on DA I changed her name to Allagi which is a derivation of a translation (can't remember the language, probably Greek) for the word "change". It's not too fancy. I call her Ally for two reasons. 1) It is easier to say and 2) Ally used to be my imaginary best friend who was also my "conscience" who I would talk to when making difficult choices.

7. Growing up as a homeschooled girl who lived on a college street where the students drank and partied all the time, I didn't have many friends apart from one girl who lived around the block. She came to play but mostly so she could hang out with my brother. Because of this I made up several of my own imaginary friends who I would actually talk to out loud. As I mentioned before, Ally was the goody-goody girl who always knew the right thing to do. She would encourage me and help me make the right decisions. Then there was my boyfriend, Michal. He was what you would call the "perfect boyfriend." He was always kind to me and treated me like a lady, though we did have a few arguments. I even remember him having gone away to college and living on a farm with his uncle at one point, though he'd still call me and talk. Then the last was actually not a friend at all. Her name was Sarah and she was pretty rude. She was the bully of the bunch and her and I didn't get along. Ally was always trying to help me be the better person though, and often she succeeded.
It's funny that now that I look back at this it seems a little unreal that I had such thought out friends. I remember going and sitting on the swing and then after a while one of them would walk up and swing with me and we'd have a good long conversation. I suppose that was how I got over my loneliness.
When I went to high school at our small church school and started making real friends they were forgotten, though every now and then I look back and think about them just for nostalgia.

8. I am 21 years old and have never had a boyfriend in my life. In fact I haven't even been on a date, not a real date. At one point a boy I worked with met me at the coffee shop across the street from where I worked before our shift started, but all we did was talk about the music on his computer and my new-found favorite drink there. I knew that he sort of liked me but I also knew that our personalities would not mesh at all (turns out he's a weirdo who I'm glad I avoided but that's another story).
I don't even have an actual friend who is of the male gender at the moment apart from a boy I talk to on facebook now and then (get this he's the other boy's older brother) but that's more of a he's-bored-and-needs-someone-to-talk-to type of thing. He's a marine out of the country right now and we pretty much say hey once every month.
But yep, that's me. #foreveralone 

9. I am technically allergic to dairy and wheat, though I eat them anyways. I am not lactose intolerant though. Dairy causes my histamines to over-run, making my eyes itchy and my nose runny. The lady who told me this said that I should stop eating it because it will make me sickly in my future life, but I feel fine as long as I don't eat too much. Not to mention cheese and milk... I can't give those up. I am careful not to have a lot though. As for wheat, it's not all that bad of a problem though too much makes my stomach hurt. When I first came to school I completely avoided them but I eventually got tired of not eating things and people telling me how they felt bad I couldn't eat them, when honestly it wasn't all that bad anyways. So now I just try and control how much I do have. Not to mention, trying to stay on a dairy and wheat free diet is not easy. I pity those people who truly do need to do so, but it's not for me.

10. I am allergic to a lot of things, plants and animals alike, but the thing that I am most allergic to is rodents... aaaand I used to have a rabbit. I'm an animal lover ok? My cousins got two rabbits as pets and when I went to their house I was completely in love with them. I wanted one so bad but my grandfather wouldn't let me have one at the house (his sister had some that lived in their basement as kids, they were supposed to all be the same gender, you know how the story goes, loooots of rabbits). So in the end I convinced my dad to let me keep the rabbit at his place (I live with my mom at my grandparent's house, and at that time visited my dad three times a week). My aunt was able to get me a rabbit for free from the same friend that gave them theirs. I was so excited that the whole day she was supposed to be bringing her I was writing a long list of names for what I would name her. When she came the second I picked her up I knew she would be named Reese's Pieces, Reesy for short. I had her for ten lovely years and I loved her to bits, even if I couldn't see after holding her because my eyes got so swollen. She grew to trust me so much that I could literally do anything with her, from tossing her around to clipping her nails. She died at about 10-11 years old last summer. I had been going to college and so didn't get to go to dad's very much. We knew she wasn't going to make it too much farther. The winter had been too hard on her and she was thin and didn't run around nearly as much. I regret not having been there more durring the last few weeks of her life. I will never forget her. Some day I want to have rabbits again, even if they make my allergies go crazy. Here's the only picture I have of her -> Link 

1. How would you describe yourself if you were a pastry/cake?
Um.... a cake? Wow, I have never thought of myself as a cake before. Dang this is a hell of a question to start out with. Um.... I honestly have no idea to answer this one. I would probably be something that is cream-filled, with lots of colors and sprinkles on the inside, with a plain frosting on top. I can seem very bland and somewhat boring when you first meet me, but when you get to the inside I can be a really fun person. Haha... oh dear that's the worst answer ever.

2. Have you ever felt fabulous? When and why?
Fabulous... I'm not the type to usually use that word. I very rarely have such a feeling either. I think maybe when I was all dressed up in a suit-coat for dressage and up on top of the 17.3hh black warmblood I rode for class last year, I think then I felt fabulous. I also felt very nervous about the test, even if it was a simple one, but I still felt pretty good up there on him, all dressed up with his coat shiny and his mane braided. Yep, that would be my fabulous moment.

3. If you could describe how a day should be to be qualified as perfect, in your opinion, what would you say?
Hmmmm... this day would probably include the beach... or some body of water. Even a lake or pond would work fine for me. Bright sun but not too warm. My horse would be there, grazing happily in the green green grass, his lips tickling my skin as I lay beside him. I'd either be alone or have one good friend/family member there with me, I do love solitude though. It would be quiet. There would be no "human" sounds anywhere. All I would hear is the water rippling, birds singing, and the occasional snort of my horse. I would have no worries - nothing on my to-do list. I wouldn't have to think about anything, just lay there and relax. This would be the perfect day.

4. Do you have any specific inspiration to your artwork/writing/awesomeness? Like an artist, author or perhaps music etc.
Well, I would say the inspiration that got me started with my artwork was a friend I met at the barn I used to ride at. I've always sketched and doodled horses with good old pencil since as long as I can remember, and my dad says I have since as long as he can remember. My grandmother still has an old stick figure picture I had drawn of her and I riding a horse. Drawing has always been something I enjoyed now and then, but before I met her, I never truly got into it. She used to bring her pictures to the barn and would show me though. I remember specifically a beautiful picture of a horse's eye she had drawn. Seeing her art inspired me to draw more. I would send her text messages of my pictures when I drew them and she would always have something encouraging to say. She was the one who introduced me to deviant art and I don't know where I would be if I hadn't found this place. Apart from her, my friends Paardjee and BlackMare234 have been amazing encouragement and inspiration for me. I have always looked up to Paardjee since I started watching her and her art has always inspired me to keep trying. It is her beautiful backgrounds that kept me trying, even when I would be discouraged by trying to draw a pretty landscape. Not only that but she would comment on almost every single one of my pictures, even back when I wasn't all that good. To me she was a goddess who reached out her hand and was kind and patient enough to share a moment of her time with little old me, even when I was so young and inexperienced in the world of art. She's helped me get so far. Then there's blacky who has become an amazing friend to me. Like honestly I haven't had a better friend in my life. She knows me better than I know myself I swear, and I couldn't ask for a better friendship. She always would encourage me and came to almost every single one of my's. She is one of the people who helped me to open up and not be afraid to share my ideas and characters, even when I might have been afraid my watchers wouldn't like them. She helped me reach the next level. She's always amazing me with how wonderfully she can draw caves and she can freehand sketch the most awkward of positions and still make them look right. She's my inspiration to keep reaching to the next step and to always keep trying.
There are other people I have watched, people who's art would inspire me every time I saw a new upload, helping me to want to be better, but these people are the ones who have been there since almost the beginning, walking with me through every step. Thank you loves. :heart:

5. Is there any sport, monument or dish you would love to try/see?
Um... well that's very wide-spread. When it comes to sports I think it would be fun to try something like vaulting or trick-riding, though tenably frightening too. Polo would be a blast I think. It's certainly better than golf. As for a dish.... well I eat most things, so I don't think there's anything specific I want to try that I haven't. Used to be a pina coloda (I have no idea how to spell it), but my mom got me a virgin one a few years ago, and booooy was it good. Monument though... well I'm no history geek (I hate history actually) so most things that have to do with the past are not all that impressive to me. Though in my eyes, the mustang is as great a monument as ever. Some day I want to be able to see a wild herd. They are to me the true symbol of freedom and I have admired them for as long as I can remember.

6. Ever had peanut butter and jelly?
Yes, and actually I hate it. This is very strange too because I love peanut butter, and I love jelly. I also love both on bread (and especially on toast). Oddly though I hate them together. Have had it once or twice but I don't intend to have it ever again. Nope I'll just have them separately.

7. Are you more of a country person, or city person?
Country all the way. I HATE the city and I've never even been to one... well, not a big city. The biggest city I've been to was Buffalo and I couldn't stand it. It was far too crowded with too many people and way too loud. It smells bad too, too much gasoline. I hated the roads and all the traffic and just... everything. No thank you. I'd rather stay in a wide open country with miles between me and my neighbor. I want to be able to go for long walks in my backyard and never see another person. Right now I don't live quite that far out, but my small town is still pretty decent. I hope to find somewhere quieter to live in some day though.

8. Do you prefer going to a zoo or a museum?
Definitely the zoo. I've never actually been to a museum that I can remember, but like I said before I'm not into the whole history thing so I doubt I'd be very interested. Maybe an art museum would catch my eye some, but I'm such an animal lover the zoo is like my home. When people take me to the zoo they usually get annoyed because I will just stand and watch the animals forever, even if they aren't doing anything. I once watched a moos laying down in the shade for a whole 30 minutes before I was finally dragged away. I love animals soooo so much. I can't stress that enough. So yes, the zoo is for sure my choice.

9. Do you have a lucky number?
Um.... well I've never thought of any numbers as lucky for me. I've been told by a fortune cookie that 19 was my lucky number... but I don't believe it. My favorite number is 3... or 9... well it's 3 but 9 is 3 3's so you see my dilemma? It's so hard. I guess 3 is my favorite number and 9 is just completely awesome... but yeah, no lucky number.

10. Coffee or tea?
Tea, definitely tea. I am one of those people who looooves the smell of coffee, but I can't STAND the taste. Yuck!! Nope, not even going to ever try it again. I'm literally afraid of it. It's so deceptive with it's lovely aroma and then you taste it and just wanna spit it out... or I do at least. Once I made coffee for my grandmother. She had me fill half the cup with a lovely french vanilla creamer and then the other half with coffee. It smelled amazing and I said so. She offered for me to have a taste and it was offal even though it smelled so lovely. It's a deceptive beast it is.
Nope I'll stick with my tea. I like sweat teas like chamomile with a bit of sugar or creamer. Though I have learned to like black tea if it has enough honey and creamer in it, as I need caffeine to get through classes sometimes (even though I'm quite sure it doesn't effect me... it's mind over matter).

Questions For You
1. Besides the typical dog, cat, or horse, what is your favorite animal?

2. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

3. Do you have a favorite TV show? What is it? Is there a specific character you like the most in it?

4. Out of all of your art, which are you the most proud of? (it can be a picture or a piece of writing, it's all art)

5. What is your favorite season? Why?

6. What is the story behind your user name?

7. What do you want to do when you "grow up"? Or, if in college, what are you studying for?

8. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? (weee introverts)

9. Outside of your artsy life, what do you like to do?

10. Alright, last one, let's make it a good one. What is your favorite character of yours? Explain why it is so special to you. 

People, I tag you!
1. BlackMare234
2. FallenClockwork
3. Paardjee
4. Kirin-Dreams
5. Sasha-Arctic 
6. Saccadic-Spaceghost 
7. Zombise 
8. Gaaaah, I'm so close.
9. I don't have enough people
10. Cactus-sis (I don't care if it's no tag backs, you can just answer these in comments. I'm just curious of your answers. I like learning things! Weeee)

Well, I think I'm finally done. To anyone who read all my blabbing... I'm very proud of you, good going.
CW | Niya | Bachelor Herd | Mare by NaporieRizia
CW | Niya | Bachelor Herd | Mare
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General Information

Name: Niya
Pronunciation: N eye - ya
Meaning: Destiny
Also Called: NA

Gender: Mare
Age: 22
Herd: Bachelor
Rank: Slave

Special Ability: NA
Gift: NA

Breed: 50% Friesian | 25% Tennessee Walking Horse | 25% Arabian
Height: 17.1 Hands High
Phenotype: Classic Champagne Varnish Roan Appaloosa
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCH/LpL/PATNmin/nVrn

Sire: Unknown
Dam: Anise
Siblings: NA
Orientation: Undecided
Status: Single
Foal(s): NA


Niya has a build much like that of an Arabo Friesian (one that shows the Arab lines more). She is not quite as sturdy and thickly-built as a pure Friesian, but she still has quite a solid look to her. She's far from fragile in appearance and her size only adds to this look. She has long legs and a long back. She has a sturdy build with a good amount of muscle on her, though not enough to appear overly so. She has a strong neck attached high on the withers with a clean arch to it, similar to that of an Arabian. She has a fine head with a slight dish to it and small ears that curve inward at the tips. Her tail is set at a medium height and carried upright somewhat like a Friesian would when moving. She has beautiful lacy, curly feathering on her legs.

She has a beautiful, naturally high-stepping gait. With her flashy feathers it is quite the sight to watch her canter through a field. She doesn't have a show-offy attitude, but just the way she moves is so graceful and perfected that she looks like she belongs in a show ring. Because of her distant TWH she does have a bit of a natural running walk, though she tends to feel awkward at this pace and so avoids using it unless she's traveling long distances and needs to save energy.

She was a lucky thing and inherited her father's long, luscious, curly mane and tail. The hair is very thick and more wavy than tight curls, but still quite curly and it can be a pain for her to comb out. She keeps good care of it though, keeping it very clean and makes sure to keep the tangles out of it. Her tail is quite long, dragging behind her just a bit. Her mane is also very long, coming to her knees on the longest part. It is so thick that there are always stray hairs on the opposite side of her neck that the rest of her mane is on. Often some of them make a bit of a loop in the middle of her neck. (I'm not picky which side her mane is on, as I tend to switch it up because I don't want it covering her pretty neck lol) Her forelock is very long as well and always covers one eye, though she keeps it to one side so that it doesn't hinder her sight too much.

A beautiful caramel mocha color with a creamy blanket, she is quite the pretty thing. Her coat once a soft caramel color all the way around has faded in the rump down her back, roaning out over the years. A small little blanket of white covers over her back with pieces broken off on her sides and shoulder. Dark speckles add a bit of contrast to the lighter coat. Her front legs, muzzle, and the tips of her ears are the darkest of her coat. A white wide snip covers her nose with spots broken off here and there. Then there are the little white tear-marks that run from below her beautiful emerald eyes that give her a very sober look no matter what mood she is in.


:bulletgreen: Sweet/Friendly - "Of course I don't mind, you are my friend after all."
Having been raised in Olde and under her mother's careful care, Niya became a very sweet little thing... well, not little, but still very sweet. She has always been very friendly and outgoing. She loves to make friends and hates to hurt others feelings. She will stand up for her friends and is trustworthy to keep secrets and tell the truth. She is a great friend to have and really it's not all that hard to get to know her if you're nice. She's not shy, though she will shy away from those who are too loud or rough.

:bulletgreen: Polite - "Oh no, I insist, you go first."
Her mother raised her to use her manners and that she does. She is almost always polite and uses her manners no matter the case. She can sound a bit sophisticated when she talks at times, as that's how she was taught, though much of her old way of speaking has been replaced with what she's adopted over time at the Bachelor herd. Though her speech has changed she still uses her manners and is polite most of the time, especially to the mares. 

:bulletgreen: Religious - "Don't worry, the Unicorns will come one day and punish the Bachelors for their sin."
Having lived the first part of her life in Olde, the stories of the Unicorns were drilled into her young mind until they were a part of her. She strongly believes that it was the Unicorns who helped guide her mother and get her safely away from the Bachelor herd. Even though she is confused as to why they would send her back to the herd, she takes advantage of this time to tell the other mares here all about the Unicorns. She is constantly assuring them that they will come one day and punish the stallions for their sin and free them all.

:bulletyellow: Fantasist - "When I close my eyes, I'm home again."
Niya misses her family and her home very much. In order to cope with this life in the Bachelor herd she will often imagine that she is back at home with them. Sometimes it is just memories that she lets play before her, watching her own young self playing with her brother, and other times it's fantasies of what things would be like now were she back home with them. So far this is only a coping device for herself, much like her impertinence, though it hasn't gone too far to be any trouble for her as of yet. Her grandmother does worry that some day she may take this too far, but as of now it is just a healthy way of living with the life she's been dealt.

:bulletred: Fearful - "I just... don't want him to hurt me."
Deep inside she is afraid of what the stallions might do to her. Her mother had several scars from being the type of mare to fight back, and Niya is afraid to be hurt. She is very flinchy around stallions and quick to do as they say, especially when they raise their voice. She tries to at least pretend not to be as frightened though, hiding it behind her words instead.

:bulletred: Delicate - "I don't know how much of this I can take."
She's not a hardened rough and tough bachelor mare. In fact, she's quite far from it. Granted she has grown stronger emotionally since she first came to the herd, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her moments where she just hides and cries. She misses home and she misses her mother. She misses her friends and she misses her freedom. Because of this she has her nights where she just leans into her "gran-gran" an just cries it all out.

:bulletred: Impertinent - "Go pick on someone your own size, shorty."
Even though she's afraid of the stallions, she is very mouthy to them. Some may find this as strange but it actually isn't once you think about it. This is her defense mechanism she has put up to help protect herself from her fears. After all, she is quite sensitive and delicate deep inside, but if she puts on an attitude then it helps her hide those feelings and get her emotions out in a different way. She's only verbally sassy though. She would never do a thing to fight off a stallion or defy them, she just likes to taunt them and make fun of them. Often it isn't all that bad and most of the stallion can just look past it, but she has gone too far a time or two and gotten a good swift kick to the butt. Usually that shuts her up pretty quickly too.


Newborn - "She named me Niya..."
The black appaloosa mare traveled quickly. She knew she wouldn't have long before they came searching for her. As it was she was lucky enough they had let her wander out of their sight to give birth. They didn't think she would be able to go very far, being so far in labor, but they underestimated her. She was stronger than they thought. She was a fighter, she always had been. She ran and ran, ignoring the heavy pains as her body convulsed. Sweat lathered her once silky black neck and she panted heavily, but the beach was in sight. She was almost there. As her striped hooves came to the soft welcoming sand she could feel the shores from the other island welcoming her. They were calling her name, calling her to freedom. A little farther. She wanted to cross the land bridge before her foal came, but as she reached the water a strong contraction shook her whole body and she fell to her knees. It seemed the foal wasn't planning to wait.

Anise grinned tiredly as she turned to look at the filly behind her. She was such a lovely caramel color and her bright green eyes were such a striking contrast to her dark face. A small blanket of white covered her rump. It wasn't as extensive as her own, but it was lovely just the same. Sitting up with stiff muscles she licked the little filly clean. She couldn't take too long though. It wouldn't be long before the stallions came to find her. Now she was even more sure of the importance of her getting away from here. It was a few nights after the equinox, so the water was over the bridge but it was shallow enough she was certain she could get across. Now with a foal though... she only prayed the unicorns would help her across.

It had been another long hour and the filly was finally standing and suckling on her own. Anise was growing paranoid from the fear they would be found. She couldn't let them take her baby away from her. Sending one more prayer to the Unicorns she nudged her filly to follow her and began the trek across the land bridge. She was sure that her foal stayed pressed against her side so the tide couldn't pull her away as they walked. By the time they got to the other end the poor foal was exhausted. Sure that they were finally safe, Anise let the foal rest. She lowered her muzzle to her young bundle of joy. Now that she was safe, she could name the new life. "My beautiful young filly, you know not how blessed you are. Conceived of a slave and damned to live the same fate, you have refused to bow to the life that was bound to be yours. Instead you have shaped your own beginning and will build your own destiny unrestrained. And for that reason I name you Niya." She closed her eyes as she lay her head against the tiny little head of her filly. A single tear of joy slid down her face. At last she was free, and now she could raise her filly without fear. "Niya, my new destiny."

Foal - 13 Years - "because my destiny had been changed"
"That was when the great... Niya, is something wrong dear?" Anise gave an amused grin as the little filly fidgeted in her place, not seeming to have heard anything of the story so far.
"No mamma." She assured her with a grin. "I just... well my friends are playing over there and..."
The black mare gave a soft grin as she leaned forward and gave her filly a gentle nuzzle. "That's fine. We can finish the story tonight before bed, hmmm?" She shoved her as she stood to her hooves. "Run along now. Have fun."
"I will mamma, thank you!" With a happy little leap Niya ran off to join her friends.

Life couldn't have been more perfect for Niya. Growing up in the Olde herd she was surrounded by horses who all treated her like their own foal. She had friends and she had companions. She even had a few who she argued with all the time. But still, it was perfect. Anise couldn't ask for a better place for her filly to grow up. To think she might have been raised in the Bachelor herd by another mare made her sick to her stomach and she thanked the Unicorns every day that she was here with her. But nothing stays the same forever.

14 Years - "but she was wrong."
Niya was only 14 years old when her life was turned up-side-down. Every year about this time everyone stayed particularly close among the rest of the herd. Even the ones who usually liked to hide alone would join and sleep with the others. Niya's mother always explained that danger lurked on this night, but she never realized how close that danger was... until the night she met it face to face. She and her mother were sound asleep when she was awaken by voices not too far off. She lifted her head to listen, watching the shadows that seemed to move. She knew her mother's warnings though and didn't dare leave the sleeping mare's side... She knew the stories of the Bachelor herds, probably more so than the other foals of Olde. Her mother told her of the place she had been born and raised. She didn't bother to keep secrets or to candy coat the truth. She wanted her filly to realize what she had escaped, to know how truly blessed she was. She knew who was lurking out in the shadows and as they seemed to come closer she shifted closer to her mother. It was then that she heard a deep voice say the name of her own dam. "Anise. Guys that's Anise. That fool-brood is alive." It was obvious from his tone that he wasn't very happy but before Niya could wake her mother the stallions charged in at them.
It all happened too fast for Niya to even realize what was going on. She remembered her mother screaming her name as she was yanked from her comfortable bed and away from her mother. She remembered her mother's cries as she fought to get to her. She remembered the fear and terror that fueled her as she fought against the large stallions. She also remembered the pit that settled in her stomach when her mother was stricken to the ground. She cried and screamed as she was dragged away, never to see her mother again.

Things would never be the same again. She would never see her mother who would wake later that day to see she was gone; who would cry herself to sleep every night as she begged the unicorns to bring her daughter back; who would eventually grow frail and weak until she died of a broken heart. Niya would never again see the smiling faces of her friends and loved ones. She would never again fall asleep beside her mother to bed time stories of the Unicorns and all they had done for them. Her life had fallen apart.

14 - 16 Years - "The only difference was that I knew what I was missing."
For days the filly cried. She cried for her mother, for her friends, for her herd. She cried for things to be familiar again. She cried to go home. For days no one answered her cries. The stallions ignored her, letting her be as they waited for her to settle in to her new life as a brood. The other mares tried to comfort her, but she didn't want comforting, she wanted to go back home. One day though, while she was telling a brood about her family and life at home, tears filling her eyes, an old mare looked up with interest. "What did you say your mother's name was?" She asked softly, her voice old and shaken, worn by the long years of serving as a brood.
Anise." Niya replied softly. "Did you know her? She lived her once." She was very surprised when the old mare broke into tears and suddenly hugged her close.
"Know her? Child, I am her mother."
The information took a while to settle into the filly's mind. "But... if you're her mother than..."
"Yes, you are my grand-daughter." The mare held her like the long lost prodigal son, her frail body trembling as she sobbed. "Come young one, you need not cry any longer. I am here."

It was her gran-gran who helped her get through the hard transition of living in the Bachelor herd. Even being so young when she was given little attention by the stallions, she was still frightened by them any time they gave her an order or even looked at her. Several times she would go to gran-gran and cry in her embrace -either because of a harsh word thrown at her by a stallion, or even a frightening look. Over time though she grew stronger and cried less, but she was still young, and she was still so very fragile.

17 Years - "I was still a slave, as was my destiny."
Niya walked quietly beside her grandmother, paying little attention to the stallion who followed behind, watching with narrow eyes. She had chosen him because he rarely said a word, and on this day she wanted to be alone with her grandmother... or as close as she could get to being alone. She was enjoying the day so far. It was the most freedom she'd had in a long time, but her joy was restrained by the anxiety of her future to come. The silence was a peaceful one as the two mares walked - one aged with years of sorrow and pain, the other still so young though damned to find the same fate... the same destiny.
"Are you frightened?" The old mare finally spoke up.
"A little." Niya replied honestly.
"It's alright to be afraid. Everyone is."
"Were you?"
"Yes." Chari reached over to nuzzle her granddaughter gently. "I was very frightened. But I was strong, and I know you will be too."
"I will try." Niya's voice quivered as she fought back the tears.
"Shhhh, come my child. It's alright to cry." It seemed that was all the invitation she needed. Unable to fight them any longer Niya hugged the old mare as she cried softly in her mane. She hadn't shed a tear in so long, but now suddenly everything was so real. She was terrified.

After - "Once your fate has been decided, you can never escape it."
It was soon after her 17th Year Ceremony that Niya began to develop her mouthy habits. Being such a pretty mare she was very popular among the stallions and the more attention she got from them, the less she wanted it. It tore her apart every time she had to serve a stallion and she couldn't take much more of it emotionally. It was then that she learned to hide her fears behind her words. She found that if she sported an attitude that was fearless and snotty, that she didn't feel the fear as much. It was still there, but she was able to shove it back more to the point that she wasn't dragged down by it any longer. Her words grew harsher and her tongue sharper, but she no longer cried every time she was with a stallion any more. Sometimes she went a little too far and got a kick to the butt or a bite on the rump, but at least she didn't cry any more. It was a crude way of coping, but at least now she could get by in this life that was her dark destiny.
CW | A Few Bachelors by NaporieRizia
CW | A Few Bachelors
+3 Tier

A few more headshots in the spirit of the Easter/spring event at CW. I wanted to do more headshots. I had planned to do Cain overseeing a bunch of the new Bachelors that joined this past opening buuuuut sadly time got in my way, so I only was able to do these ones in time for the event. I may still draw some other bachelors as well later if I get the inspiration. Though at the moment I think my headshot muse has faded.
Anyways, here is some love for ya'll.

pony-bones's Cain - I can't say how much I appreciate Pony's participation in CW, and I'm just a wee member. Still, she's brought so much to the group with Cain and I love the plots that she has brought forth through that. I hope to steal some rp's with you yet. :eyes:

duckgirl34's Rambo - Oh gosh this guy's too cute. I'm so sorry but when reading his personality I saw the word "Casanova" and right away the song Cowboy Casanova came to my mind... so I kinda let it take control when drawing Rambo. His name might have had something to do with the sorta cowboy-like image I get of him. I added the straw for fun.

Zombise's Mallen - This guy's just too cute. And Friesian mixed with appy, you can't get much better than that. I love the rp we have going, even if it hasn't gone far yet. I have high hopes for it. <3 I hope to get to know you better Zombise. I am already enjoying our little chats, especially the ones where we magically talk about three things at once. ^^

Sorry I couldn't draw more ya'll. Happy after Easter!


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