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They call me Nap.
United States
Hey there world!
The first and most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE horses. Of course, that's easy enough to know from looking at my gallery. Don't worry, I love all other animals too, so we're good no matter what you're a fan of, fantasy or real.

Secondly, I'm a role play addict. I need to rp in order to survive. I'm slightly slow due to school, work, horse, family, and life in general, but I'm always up for new rp's, weather you're a new person or I've already got a few others going with you. I try my best to answer role plays within a week at the latest when I can. Now and then my notes get backed up though and it might take me a while to get back, but don't worry, I won't forget you. If I havn't replied in over a month, then you can start worrying. Chances are if that happened, I lost the rp somewhere on accident or it didn't get to me. Feel free to poke me if it's been that long.
Go ahead and ask me. I'm not picky... well, maybe a little. Just read my rules and we'll be good.

I am a nice person (or at least I think I am) and love to make new friends. I am always happy to see notes or comments and will reply to them all when I get time. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a little message. I love to talk.
Don't be shy, I don't bite... some of my characters might... but I don't.


CW | Say Something | Video Attached by NaporieRizia
CW | Say Something | Video Attached

No but really, do ya'll remember when A Great Big World released Say Something? Yeah, that was September 3 of 2013, so a little over a year ago. Well at that time everyone was doing these little comic things of their characters to the song and I reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy wanted to do one, but I figured I would never get it done (I was close to right too). Well, in the end, not too long after the song had faded and wasn't so big anymore, I wrote a "script" for my own. I wanted it to be big! It was going to include both of my CW characters and give a bit of their stories. Each of them would get one verse and the ending would be epic when I included them both. I was even going to put it to music and make it a whole slide show thing and everything, with the voices of the singers changing to fit the characters. It looked amazing in my head.
It was originally going to be a mix of head shots and full body pictures but when I finally got to the sketching stage (probably a month later) I ended up sketching them all full body (I was in a sketching mood and trying to study anatomy and such). After that I got too excited and went and put together a slideshow with music and lyrics, using just the sketches. I loved it so much that I couldn't' wait to finish it... but that didn't happen any time soon. It all just went downhill from there. School came in and then I transferred to my new college where I would be staying with a roommate and riding horses and things got so busy that for the longest time I didn't even look at it. It wasn't until summer vacation that I took the time to start finishing the sketches. One by one I did the best I could, but I still had my horse to take care of and I had a job too. It was slower than I thought and the next thing I knew I was going back to school and the project wasn't even half way done. I told myself I would draw one a day until it was done... well that failed. So then I went to one a week... and life kept getting in the way. It was fading again and I was loosing it. It was more of a "whenever I have time and inspiration" sort of thing and it was soooo painfully slow. Last week though I made it to the half way mark, finishing Ari's half of the song. Starting Ky's half I was inspired to get it done, but as we all know things happen and school once again took over. BUT! this weekend, starting Friday, I have been alone, as my roommate went home early for break (cheater she is). That meant a whole weekend of doing absolutely nothing, and so I pulled out the project, dusted it off, and set to work. I finished an average of three a day, with yesterday being the big day that I (somehow) got a total of 8 pictures done. I wouldn't let myself go to bed until it was done. FINALLY! last night at about 1 in the morning, I finished the last picture and now, after a year of slow work, it is finished!

You wanna see? Do you? Well just a moment, I'm getting there. Below you will find two links, one is the link to the video which I posted on YouTube. The quality is not all that good and the sound is jumpy, but that's because I only have a generic movie maker that came with my computer, it's still better than nothing. The other link is to the stash folder which has each of the slides. I put them there because the video kinda ruins the quality and I wanted them to be seen for all they were. All of the pictures were referenced from images on Google and the first sketch was done with a grid. After that I used no references for anything, even the (sloppy) backgrounds. With each image on the stash I will type up a short (maybe not always short) description of what you are seeing as well as a breakdown of tier points from that image. (I had considered not counting all of the tier points as that's a lot to throw on at once, but when I put in the fact I've been working on this on and off for a year and that my babies have gotten no love since, not to mention the amount of blood, sweat, and tears put into this project, I have decided to count them all. I think it's only fare)

So, without further adue,
the video:
And the individual images:

Total Tier Points
Arietti: 45
Kyanos: 45

Arietti, Kyanos, and Art (c) NaporieRizia
Finz (c) FrostCoveredFields 
JM | closed | Free Pixel Carousals by NaporieRizia
JM | closed | Free Pixel Carousals
I'm doing it again. Yeah, I'm back and forth a lot.... but I'm bored and lonely, give me credit! I need something relaxing and carousal's are just that. So come on over, and bring links to any equines you wanna see on a carousal.

Hi again! So today I have literally all day to do nothing. Poor Nap here is going to loose her mind if she sits around lonely all day. I plan on working on my Say Something project later on but I am taking a short break to do carousals so that I don't dig myself into an art block. I've got so many of these babies done and I'm really getting the hang of it. I am able to fly through these things like nothing now.
That being said, I'm working on my big project of getting all of my characters on a carousal and I would say (not counting the ones in Stash who don't have characters to them yet) I have about one third done. 
While I'm working on these today though I'd be glad to put any of your equines on a carousal too. Just drop by and leave a link. I will draw them in the order that I receive requests. In other words, first come, first serve. (note: if you leave me a link and then leave the jm before I get to yours, I will not draw it. You have to be there for me to do yours)

So come on over, chat, keep me company, and get yourself a carousal while you're at it. I have several options that you can get: Large Still, Large Bounce, Icon Still, and Icon Bounce. Here's a link of a full package:
If you come to the jm, you can have a large still for free. For only five points though I will make you a full package.

Speaking of that jm, who wants a link? You? Good!
I look forward to seeing you all there!!!

Note: I am also texting a friend who can't get online so if I pause every now and then, it's not because I left, I'm just replying to a text.
JM | CW | closed by NaporieRizia
JM | CW | closed
So It's me again! I've finished with the carousal ponies for the day and am back to my CW project. I'm going to be drawing the most emotional part of it all today (well to me anyways) which means I'm skipping to the end... but I don't care. I really wanna draw this part because I love how it looks in the video. (yes, that's your hint, I'm doing a video/slideshow of the two). So anyways, come keep me company, I'd love it!

Hi all! I am kinda lonely tonight as my roommate went home for Thanksgiving break early leaving me with the room to myself all weekend. It's not bad sometimes, but it quickly gets lonely.
I'm working on my Say Something project for my CW babies Arietti and Kyanos. I finally finished Ari's half and am working on Ky's now. I would love some company so feel free to come on down. I hope to finish this project this weekend since I have nothing else to do. Watch me slave away. :D
PS. I'm also texting a friend who can't get online so if there are random moments when I do nothing, it's not cause I left, I'm just replying to a text. ^^
So anyways, I'd love ya to stop by. Here's the link (which I almost forgot)
CW | Arietti | My Heaven by NaporieRizia
CW | Arietti | My Heaven
A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather.
I was praying that you and me might end up together.
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert.
But I'm holding you closer than most,
'Cause you are my heaven.

A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope

Note: I will not be counting tier points for this picture because it is part of a much bigger project which I will count all together when it's done.

So I just had to post this picture because... well just look at it! These two are so very adorable together. Not to mention the feelz that come with this picture, especially while listening to this song. For those who don't know, it's pretty simple, Finz loves Ari but she is too naive to understand such a thing and so he knows he'll never really be anything more to her than just a good friend. Yep, that's the short of it. It's really quite beautifully sad. He's so good to her. This song fits it so well and when I saw someone else draw Finz to the picture I started listening to the song again and it inspired me to go back to my BIG project. I've been working on it for over a year now and I'm about half way there now... yeah, I have kinda gone on and off with it, but I've got inspiration to draw my CW babies so hopefully I can get it done. Until then, this is your little mini preview of it (not that it really tells you anything).

Ari and Art (c) NaporieRizia
Finz (c) FrostCoveredFields
CW | Kyanos | Through The Ages (new) by NaporieRizia
CW | Kyanos | Through The Ages (new)
+8 WG
+ 14 Tier Kyanos

Wow I've been MIA for soooooo long. Sorry ya'll. My mom sorta fell and broke her back so I've been very busy supporting her through surgery and helping the family, and then of course is still homework and a horse who has decided to mysteriously become lame for no apparent reason... so yeah, life's been busy. Things are slowly settling down though and I really just needed some relaxed art to help me cool down after all that. When I saw the new age meme I jumped right at it. Something about sketching my Ky makes me feel so much better. He might have gotten me out of an art block too. Not to mention I found some new settings I like for my sketch brush so that's fun. I like it, it gives the lines a bit of a thick look which tends to make sloppy lines look more allowable... or to me it does. :P It's all sketchy, but it's all so fun. I definitely like these ones better than the ones in the old age meme. I guess that just goes to show that I've improved.

Foal - Once again I chose a time shortly after he was given his scar because that is probably the most emotional time of that part of his life. I tried to chose different poses this time around though so yay for a kneeling little baby. He probably became weakened by the scar for a while with a bit of fever, though he made it through. My tough boy.

Teen - Just like last time, seeing as he already is 18-19 I decided to chose a younger period of his life. This is probably somewhere around 13. He had quite the rebellious stage at that age. Well, not truly rebellious, not according to the rest of the herd. He fit in the best at this time. He was just what his father wanted him to be. Tough and proud and high among the ranks of the colts. I tried to display his pride here as well as some of that teenaged attitude.

Adult - Poor Ky is kinda a tweener right now, stuck between being called a teen and an adult. Here I chose somewhere in the later adult ages so we weren't too close to what he's like now. After his teen ages the graying of his coat slows down so it's more gradual. The failure of his sight however grows faster and by his late 20's to early 30's he will most likely be completely blind, if not before that. Here I would say he's in his mid 20's. At night he quite literally can't see because of the darkness so he relies on his hearing and scent completely, hence the perked ears and intent, concentrated look. You might also notice his nice little gait there. Being part TWH I decided to give him their nice pretty natural gait. Makes it easy for him to travel comfortably for long distances at a good speed.

Elderly - Yep, I like drawing him as a sad old man. It's depressing really, but as of now he doesn't have a very hopeful future ahead of him. He has next to no friends and still doesn't trust anyone. If he doesn't find himself some companionship he could be alone all his life. So this is what he would look like if he grew old with everything the same as it is now. I doubt and hope it won't happen that way, but I do like to draw him sad and bony. Completely sightless, friendless, trustless, he's just hopeless and lives the rest of his life in solitary depression. Pretty sad... I did the sunrise behind him to represent the hope that this won't really be his ending.

I'm actually kinda sad the canvas was so small, but this was still fun. I'm glad to have gotten to draw my boy again.


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No one is obligated to donate, though if you do, don't be afraid to comment on my page saying that you did so I can thank you. I'd love to give gift art and love to those who donate but I am never notified when someone gives in the donation pool and therefore don't usually see that someone has been so kind as to drop something by until months later.

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